9 Things You Should Know Before Trekking to Khopra Ridge

Though Khopra Ridge Trekking is taken as an easy outdoor adventure, you should know about the trail, length, availability of lodge, types of the lodge, wifi availability on the route, and best viewpoints on the route. So today I am enlightening here 9 Things Should You Know Before Trekking to Khopra Ridge.

1. Trekking to Khopra Ridge is one of the Easy Trek in Nepal

If you’re wondering to do an easy trek in Nepal, try to visit Khopra Ridge. The trails are not difficult to walk and the maximum altitude on this trek that you should sleep is 3660m. So we can say trekking to Khopra Ridge is an easy hike that can be suitable for beginners trekkers too.

2. You can Make Adventure Trip By Hiking Khayar Lake

We can go trekking to the Khopra adventure too. But How? Here is the deal. From Khopra ridge we can hike to Khayar Lake(4700m). Hike to Khayar Lake is not easy like to reach Khopra Danda. Because Khayar lake hike is a difficult journey as it takes more than 10 hours from Khopra Danda. After a 5-hour ascent, you’ll get to the very basic places where you can have lunch. Ascending and descending 1100 m in a single day at a high altitude makes this trip an adventure.

Khopra Ridge for beginners

view from KHOPRA RIDGE

3. Khayar Lake Hike is Optional

If you are experienced hikers and want to make more adventures, it is worth it to visit Khayar Lake. Because it is the best way to get amazing views of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Tukuche, and Annapurna South. This hike leads you to the north base camp of Annapurna South.

4. You can combine Poon Hill Trek too.

Most people prefer the Poon Hill trek as the best short trek in Nepal. You’ll be able to do the Khopra trek with Ghorepani Poon Hill within 7 days from Kathmandu. So it is an opportunity to combine Poon Hill Trek.

5. It is not crowded like another popular trek.

There will be 30 to 40 people group entry on Khopra only in the High season. On other routes in Annapurna Such As Poon Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and Annapurna Circuit trek, there will be more than 200 people entering each day during a peak season. Thus Trekking to Khopra Ridge can be considered quite less crowded in Annapurna Region Trekking.

6. It is Tea-House plus Community Base Lodge Trekking

Till some years ago, Trekking to Khopra Ridge was Camping Based Trek. But in the past few years, it has changed to Teahouses and Community base.

Among the route, you’ll get teahouses on Dobato and Swanta. Whereas you’ll get community lodge accommodation on Khopra Danda and DhanKharka.

7. You’ll get WIFI every spot on Khopra Danda Trek

Though this is off the beaten trail and a recently introduced trail, however, it is providing an internet facility for trekkers. You can demonstrate your view from Khopra Danda using your smartphones.

In most places, you should pay 150 to 200 NPR for WIFI to Each device on Khopra Trail but there is free WIFI on KHOPRA DANDA.

8. Don’t Miss Mulde Peak View Point

Though there are many remarkable viewpoints on the journey to Khopra Danda, Muldey Peak View Point is considered one of the best viewpoints on the Khopra Trekking Trail. It provides you with more than 10 peaks with 360 Degree views.

9. It is a Short day trek

If you want to explore Khopra Ridge only, it is possible to do it within 5 days. But adding some popular side trips we can take longer as we wish.

Normally it is tradition to add the Poon Hill trek as a side trip of the KHOPRA RIDGE TRAIL. Because it is very worthwhile to add Poon Hill trekking as a side trip of KRT because Poon Hill is one of the most demanded short treks in Annapurna. Just adding 2 more days to Khopra Ridge Itinerary we can make the BEST KHOPRA TREK.

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