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If you’re going to Trekkingin the Himalayas, it’s GOOD TO HAVE A PORTER. In this post, I am going to explain to you what is a Porter, how much he/she can carry, and what is the benefit of a porter ?

Simply, a strong person who will carry a guest/tourist bag along with the mentioned trekking is a trekking porter. Both males and females can be a porter.

There are 2 types of porter on the trekking trail of Nepal on the basis of working nature.

1. Professional porter

The person who has been doing a trekking job for a long time and they are upgradeable to Guide. Mostly they are uneducated that’s why they can’t attend trekking guide courses.

2. Training to become a guide for Porter

According to government rules of Nepal, a person who wants to be a trekking guide should have at least 2 years of trekking porter experience to attain trekking guide training that will be conducted by Nepal Government. These types of trekking porters can speak English.

Trekking Porters

How much luggage porters can carry while trekking in the Himalayas?

In short, a porter can carry 2 guest stuff(2 guests = 1 Porter). According to the government rules of Nepal, a porter is allowed a maximum of 25kg of stuff. And there will be approx 5 kg of his/her own stuff for trekking. As a result a porter normally carries 30kg including the porter’s own bag.

Though the government’s rules are a maximum of 25kg, you’ll see some porters are carrying more than 35kg. Keep in mind, it depends on the trekking agency. Most of the agency follows the rule but some trekking companies are not doing it.

What is the benefit of having a porter for trekking?

If we talk about the benefits of having a porter while you go trekking, there are plenty of benefits. If you’ve porter, you’ll get rid of the heavy bag. So that you can see more things on the way to destinations and you’ll have a comfortable journey.

But if you want to do budget trekking, it might not be a suitable option for you.