Things to know before Trekking to Langtang

Despite, Trekking to the Langtang region being considered as AN EASY TREKKING, it is good to know some information before start a trip to any trail in the Langtang area. In order to collect the best experience of trekking in Langtang area, you should know how to get there, the teahouse availbility, electricity availability, viewpoints on the trail, network connection, needed Guide/Porter or not, and many more. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into the 9 BASIC THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE TREKKING TO LANGTANG.

1. Easy to get there and away from Langtang Trek

There is no flight facility to get into the trekking trail of Langtang. Surface transfer is the one and only mode of transportation to the Langtang. You’ll get to any trekking trail in this region in a very short hour of driving(depending on the mode of Vehicle). There are no flights to Everest Region and also it’s not far like Annapurna Region Trekking.

2. The Scenery and other attractions Of the Langtang Trekking

The focal attraction of trekking to Langtang is that you’ll get to be in the close proximity to the Langtang mountain ranges and Tibetan Peaks. Additionally, you’ll see numerous birds including Dance Pleasant( National Birds of Nepal) on the way to Kyanjin Gompa.

3. Variation of Route and Itinerary

You can spend 1 week or more than 3 weeks in Langtang Region. The itinerary of Langtang region trekking depends on the trekking trail.

There are more than 7 treks in the Langtang region which are familiar to adventure enthusiasts. The following are some major hiking trails in the Langtang Region.

  1. Langtang Valley Trek
  2. Gosaikunda Trekking
  3. Tamang Heritage Trail
  4. Helambu Trek
  5. Langtang Gosaikunda Trek
  6. Langtang Circuit Trekking
  7. Ganja La Pass Trekking

4. Langtang is rich in Wildlife and Vegetation

Langtang Kyanjin Gompa Trek is a part of Langtang National Park, where you can observe wildlife and vegetation. Inside Langtang National Park, Sometimes we can see the Red Panda, one of the endangered animals of Nepal.

5. Kyanjin Ri or Tserko Ri ?

Both Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo Ri are located at the top of Kyanjin Gompa. Kyanjin Ri is 1000 meters above Kyanjin Gompa whereas Tsergo Ri is around 1100m.

It is an easy hike to Kyanjin Ri than Tsergo Ri. Both Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo Ri offer a majestic view of the Langtang Mountains. But from Tsergo Ri, you’ll get the best view of Yalla Peak and Langshisha Ri(6427m/ 21,085feet as additional views.

6. Mobile Networks work most of the Place

If you’re planning to visit the Langtang region but don’t know which SIMCARD works there? Well, Mostly in Lower altitude, the NCELL sim card also works but throughout the trekking, you should have NTC SIMCARD. Keep in mind, in some places even NTC doesn’t work there.

7. You’ll get Wifi, Mobile Network and Electricity Facility Everywhere

These days most of the camp that lies in the Langtang region has WiFi. Needless to say, most of the trekking trail at Langtang Region has Electricity facility to charge your gadget. You can show Langtang Himalayan scenery to your friends/family streaming(Live on Mobile).

8. Trekking to Langtang is Safe

The Langtang Region including Langtang Village was massively destroyed by the 2015’s Earthquake and lots of people died in the Langtang region. Only in Langtang Valley, did more than 350 people died due to the Earthquake of April 2015.

But now, the local people and hoteliers shifted to safe places near Mundu. And the hotels of Langtang Valley after 2015 are earthquake resistant. Therefore we can say that Trekking to Langtang is safe now.

9. Langtang is less demanded trekking than Annapurna & Everest

It is good for trekkers that Langtang trekking is less crowded. But it is bad for the hotel owners of Langtang trekking routes that they are not getting the tourists that occupied their hotel space.

Unlike the Everest Region and Annapurna Region trekking, it is comparatively less demanding than them. If you are searching for less demanded and the best short treks in Nepal, you should visit Langtang.

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