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Trekking Guide Hire in Nepal [ Best Guide in 2021]

Trekking Guide Hire is popular in Nepal these days. If you want to get the best trekking guide in 2021, we can provide you with a cheap price. If you want to see our guide, you find it on our meet team page.

How do I hire a trekking guide in Nepal?

In short, search on the web ‘hire a guide for trekking in Nepal’.

Upon searching for a guide on the web, you’ll find agencies offering guide services. Some tourists want excellent guides for trekking and they become ready to pay high. Similarly, those tourists who want to do budget trekking in Nepal used to search for guides at a cheap cost.

It is an easy way to hire a guide in Nepal. Both trekking guide as well as a tour guide, you can get on a daily basis price. By paying 20 to 30 USD per day, you can get a leader that can make your Nepal trip memorable.

For details, here is a page of how to hire a trekking guide in Nepal.

How much does it cost to hire a guide in Nepal?

Hiring price of Guides depends on trekking agencies, duration of trek, difficulty of trek and many more things that fluctuates guides the price.

The Nepal government has announced the wages rate of Guides and it is 25 USD.

According to Base Camp Hike Pvt Ltd’s policy of guide hiring service, daily charges ranges USD 22 to USD 30(depends on route)

Here is the daily charges of guides according to trekking routes.

Particulars Everest  Annapurna,Manaslu and Langtang  Remote Trekking Areas
Guide Hire Price USD 25 USD 22 USD 30
Porter Cum Guide USD 23 USD 21 USD 26
Porter Hire Price USD 20 USD 20 USD 23

Note: Remore areas trekking denotes Kanchenjunga Region Trek, Makalu Region Trek and other far western region’s trekking routes.

What is included in the cost?

  • Salary
  • Insurances
  • Meals, accommodation, drinks, and all others daily expenses of Guide
  • 13% Vat and 10% Tax from Guide’s Salary
  • Company Service Charge

What is Excluded ?

  • Road Transportation Charges to and from the trekking of Guide
  • Flight fare of guide’s if it’s required
  • Tips

Why Hiring Guide and Porter for Nepal Trekking?

For an easy,safe and lifetime experience mountain holiday, one should have an expert local trekking guide. Though a guide is optional for most of the trekking trail, it is wise to go trekking with a guide. Because Every Year many solo trekkers are missing on the trekking trail. Nonetheless, in the case of Altitude Mountain sickness guides can save the life of trekkers as they know how to save a life in that case. Many trekkers without guides are dying in the Himalayas due to lack of care. Hence, a guide is not a burden but a lifesaver in the Himalayas.

We suggest you go trekking with a guide or at least a porter cum guide. It makes your trip more comfortable, safe, and memorable. Here is 6 resons to hire a guide in Nepal.

Who is a Trekking guide?

A person who can lead trekkers in the Himalayas is called a trekking guide/leader. A trekking guide must have knowledge of trekking areas as well as licensed from the Nepal government. Nonetheless, a guide should be good in communication, good in humor,honest and helpful. There are many things that should have with a trek leader.

A guide gives information to the tourists about the route and also can help if something bad happens in the mountains. He/She will be the first person who can assist you 24 hours throughout the mountain journey.

What language can trekking Guide Speak?

In short, most guides can speak English. Besides that, there are limited guides who can speak a foreigner’s native language.

If you prefer to have native language guides, it’s possible. But, they charge slightly more than English-speaking Guides.

You can find German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese speaker guides in Nepal. But Keep in mind, if you want to have your preferred language guide, you should pay more money than an English speaker.

How to be a Trekking Guide in Nepal?

To be a trekking guide, a person must take training from the Nepal government authorized sector. Till now, most of the Guides are trained from Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management (NATHM). Besides NATHAM, Nepal Mountaineering Association(NMA) is also an organization that produces trek guides. During the training, trainers will get massive knowledge of the trekking profession including first aid training.

In order to be a trekking guide in Nepal, a person should have the following things.

  1. A person must have citizenship of Nepal
  2. Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(SEE)
  3. Letter of working experience(at least 2 years) as a porter from Trekking Company.

Can we get an experienced Trekking Guide?

The Base Camp Hike has mostly experienced guides in our team. However, sometimes during peak season, it will be insufficient guide due to many group departures at the same time. At that time, we outsource guide from another company.

How much does a trekking guide earn in Nepal?

It depends on guides’ capacity and trekking companies.

Guide, those who can speak foreigners languages fluently and have experience, they earn more than newby guides.

Moreover, some trekking companies charge high fee for the guide hire, so that they can pay more wages to the guides. Similarly some of the trek agencies used to sell guide hire service at very low price. In that case, guides get also low wage.

We can calculate per day salary of guides using following formula.

Guides wages=Booking Price of Guide – Insurance – 13% vat – 10% tax – service charges.

How many tourist guides are there in Nepal?

There are more than 16000 registered trekking guide in Nepal where approx 8000 are active.

Likewise, we’ve around 4,500 tour guides in Nepal. Among them, around 1000 are active.

Porter Cum Guide

A porter guide is a mix of guide and porter. One who can give basic information of trail and also carry max 10kg the baggage of trekkers is called Porter Cum Guide. For single travelers, this porter cum guide is will be a perfect choice. Thus porter cum guide is nearly alternate of Guide.

However if you wish to have a guide who can give you knowledge of the trail and local culture of the route, definitely You should have a guide instead of a Porter cum Guide.

What is a Porter?

In the Himalayas tour, the person who can carry the luggage of trekking tourists is called a porter. In the past, most porters were uneducated and couldn’t talk to their guests. But nowadays, we’ve many porters who can speak English but are doing porter jobs. These types of porters are collecting experience to be a trekking Guide in the future.

Things to know before hire Guide/Porter

There are many agencies that are offering guide porter hiring services. However, finding a perfect guide and porter is a difficult task. The Base Camp Hike Pvt Ltd is one of the trusted trekking companies that provide the perfect guides and porter at reasonable prices. We have both male and female guide. Your Satisfaction with security is Our Paramount Concern While Travelling with Us.