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While you trek in Nepal’s Himalayas, most trekking agency offer meals on trekking (main course: breakfast, lunch, dinner) each trekking day. The meals will be served in the teahouses. Normally, where you sleep at night, there will be dinner and breakfast, and lunch will be served on the way to the next spot. This is the food and meal style on teahouse treks. But if you go on a camping trek, the style will be different.

Trekking food in Nepal is of good quality, and we recommend that you try the local foods. The local food includes Dal Bhat (lentil stew with rice and curried potatoes or meat), boiled potatoes with chili sauce, Sherpa stew (meat, potatoes, vegetables in a rich sauce), or curry with rice.

Food Menu on Trekking
Menu on Trekking in the Nepal’s Himalaya

Breakfast on Trekking in Nepal

Each teahouse has a Western breakfast menu with a variety of options to choose from, including porridge with fruit, cereal, pancakes or eggs in different styles, bread with jam, butter, or honey, and fried rice.

Trekking Food in Nepal

Lunch on Trekking in Nepal

Every 3 to 4 hours of trekking, you will reach lunch places on popular trekking trails in the Nepal Himalayas. Trekkers typically eat Dal Bhat (a traditional Nepali dish), chapattis, or noodle soups. Other popular lunch options include fried rice, pasta, noodles, chow mein, and sandwiches.

Momo: Steamed or fried dumplings filled with meat or vegetables.
Thukpa: A noodle soup with meat, vegetables, and spices.
Fried rice: Rice fried with vegetables, eggs, and meat (optional).
Chapati: A whole-wheat flatbread that is often served with curry or dal.
Sherpa stew: A hearty stew made with meat, potatoes, vegetables, and spices.

Dinner on Trekking in Nepal

For dinner and lunch, you can get soups (tomato, garlic, vegetable, mushroom, etc.), vegetable fried rice, Dal Bhat, Curry with Rice, Noodles (mixed fried, vegetable, egg, with cheese), macaroni, spring rolls (vegetable, egg, cheese, mixed), Momo, Pizza, fried potatoes (with vegetables or cheese), chips, and buffalo steak.


Whatever food you get in the Himalayas is mostly hygienic and tasty. While you’re on the trek, you’ll get fresh food because meals are prepared after guests order them. So, you should order your meal before you’re ready to eat. The most common foods on the menu are Nepalese traditional dishes, as well as Indian, Tibetan, and continental cuisine.