Things to Know Before Visiting Nepal

Nepal is a wonderful Asian country to put your legs on because it is a wonderful destination to visit. Along with the adventurous activities in Nepal, there are so many pleasure activities that can cater to everyone. Today through this post I am going to show you things to know before visiting Nepal in brief.

What to know before going to Nepal?

Besides safe destinations, there are some essential things that travelers should know to make a wonderful trip. So putting out these things in this post, you learn here “what to know before going to Nepal”.

1) Bring passport size photo for arrival Visa

If you are planning to apply for an arrival visa in Nepal, make sure to have a passport size photo available.

2) Greeting Manner

The form of greeting in Nepal is “Namaste”. We can press the palms of one’s hands together in front of the chest and say 

“Namaste” (meaning “I greet the god within you”).In Nepal, Namaste is Preferable to Greetings rather than Handshake.

3) Do not trek alone( Go with Guide)

In recent years, there have been numerous disappearances of solo trekkers. So trek safely, you should go with a trekking agency or you can hire a local guide.

In Nepal, you can hire Male Trekking Guide as well as Female Trekking Guide.

4).Trekking Isn’t the Only Way to See Mount Everest!

IF you don’t want to go adventure trekking to Everest Base Camp, Everest Mountain flight might be for you.

The 1-hour flight takes you to the near Everest and several others of the same range. Those who wish to have Everest mountain flight in Nepal, they will definitely get window seats.

Nonetheless, passengers are even allowed a short moment into the Cockpit with the Pilot to see better views of Mt Everest.

5) Don’t Rely on Your MasterCard or Credit Card

Though most of the city places in Nepal have ATMs and banks , sometimes it might be difficult to cashout. If it’s not worked due to technical problems, it takes more than 3 days to maintain. That’s why upon arriving in Nepal, cash is more preferable and reliable.

6)Try Nepali Food (Dal Bhat)

When you‘re heading to Nepal, don’t forget to try Dal Bhat(Nepali National Dish). It is typical Nepali food and is made up of rice and lentils.

Along with rice and lentils you’ll get side dishes with a variety of fresh vegetables such as potatoes, spinach, cauliflower and Spicy Pickles. Traditional Dal Bhat is often spicy, but you can usually specify how mild or hot you want it when ordering. You can get Dal Bhat all over Nepal and can refill it until you are satisfied.

7) Get Your Shopping Done in Thamel, Kathmandu

If you want to shop for things to do in Nepal, Thamel is best for you. Prices of goods start increasing drastically, when you go further away from Kathmandu. So to save your travel budget, it is Shopping is done in Kathmandu.

8) Food and Water safety

Don’t drink water that is not bottled or boiled. And don’t eat even raw vegetables and pre-cut fruit as far as possible.

3) Order a Blanket before Sleeping

Whilst visiting Nepal’s Himalayas, sometimes your sleeping bag couldn’t give enough warmth to sleep better. So in that case, you  need a blanket.

If you request the teahouse/lodge owner for Blanket, probably they will give if blanket is sufficient for all. So don’ts late to request a blanket when you have dinner.

9) Buy a Mask before start the tour

In Kathmandu Valley it is necessary to have a mask as it can be extremely dusty. Not only in Kathmandu Valley if you travel through roadways in Nepal, you will notice that most roads are covered with very volatile dust.

So wear a mask or a scarf over your face to save you from respiratory infections. We suggest purchasing a mask when you arrive in Nepal or bring from your own place.

10) Do not give money to street beggars

It is not a good idea to give money to those who you see on the streets. Although they look very poor and indeed support, your giving away of money advocates them only to beg for more.

But instead, if you really care about support and want to donate some help, there are many local NGOs where you can donate to support.

11) Check your money properly while exchanging

Be sure to exchange back all the Nepalese currencies before you leave the Money Exchanger Office. The Money Exchanger Office is not accountable upon you leaving the money exchange office.

12) Time punctuality

In short, all over Nepal, you’ll get unpunctuality. It means do not fully rely on schedules and times that are committed to you whether in verbal or written. Delay on-time schedule is normal in Nepal but the people who work in tourism are mostly punctual.

13) Strikes

In past years, there were lots of strikes. While strikes happened in Nepal, no transportation is allowed. So it can alter your travel itinerary. But nowadays, no strikes.

14) Marijuana is unlawful

The Marijuana( Ganja in Nepali) is unlawful. So it is prohibited from picking for any proposes.

15) Nightlife of Thamel

All nightlife pretty much ends by 10 pm with only a few places around the Thamel area that may stay open a little later.

16) Bring a universal plug and voltage

You should bring a universal plug and voltage adapter kit for charging your Electronics device. Nepal uses 220V Electric power.

17) Entrance Fee

Not all, but you should certainly enter places. Keep in mind that there may be an entrance fee to some of the major temples and major public areas ranging anywhere from 250R’s – 700R’s.

18) Avoid displaying food around monkeys whilst visiting Nepal

Whilst visiting Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath, avoid displaying food. Because there you will get lots of Monkeys. As the Monkey used to snatching food items, avoiding displaying foods.

19) Getting Sim Card for Internet and Call

You can buy Namaste and Ncell Simcard at a very reasonable price( $1.5 to $3) in Kathmandu. 

20)  Support the NON-Plastic Initiative

The World is suffering from Plastic. If you limit your use of plastic items, it helps Nepal to suffer from more plastic. Your small effort can help to save the world.

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JayaramJayaram Thapaliya, an executive director at BASE CAMP HIKE. He has trekked to mostly places in Nepal. He has been to Annapurna Circuit more than 10 times. Jayaram is the one who is ready to help you to make wonderful trip in Nepal.

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