Things To Know Before Going on the Manaslu Circuit Trek

In Nepal, there are many circuit treks that circle the entire Himalayan Ranges. Among them, the Manaslu Circuit trek is second popular.

If you know the Manaslu Circuit trek is challenging, and you are prepared to handle it, that’s great. But apart from it,  you should know some things before trekking to Manaslu. They are what’s types of permits needed , when to go, how to go starting point of the trek, how to back Kathmandu from ending point of trip, why it is known as killer mountain,and why it is known as Manaslu Circuit. Nonetheless, we will highlight availability of accommodation and food on Manaslu. Hence in this post, you will learn all things Things To Know Before Going on the Manaslu Circuit.

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You might be wondering how many days is needed for Manaslu Trekking. If yes, it does take only 2 weeks time. Within two weeks time, you can complete the trip.

1. Why is it Named Manaslu Circuit?

Manaslu Region
Mount Manslu View

In short, this trek encircles the entire Manaslu Himalayan range, so it is called Manaslu Circuit.

For the base camp treks, normally beginning and the starting point of trekking will be the same place. Because upon getting base camp, you return to your jump-off points.

On the Manaslu Circuit trek, we can visit the Manaslu Base Camp but we will not go back the same way as other base camp treks in Nepal. Since our ultimate destination is Larkey La, we will encircle the Manaslu Range bypassing Larkey.

2. Manaslu Trek Permit

Likewise other trekking routes, trekking permits are required for the Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Since Manaslu Circuit is restricted for the trekkers, restricted areas permits are needed. 3 types of trekking permits are required for Manaslu. They are:

  1. Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) Permit
  2. Annapurna Conservation Area Project(ACAP) Permits
  3. Tims Permits

Keep in mind, solo trekkers can’t obtain trekking permits as a minimum of 2 people are required to get permits. In order to obtain permits, tourists must go through registered trekking agencies as individuals are not allowed to get permits. And without a local guide, international trekkers are not allowed to enter Manaslu.

Note: Permits cost are cheaper from December to August than September to November.

3. Why Manaslu is known as Killer Mountain

Killer Mountain, Manaslu

Though Manaslu ranked 8th tallest peak in the world, an expedition to Manaslu is really Challenging because of its fickle weather.

Whilst summiting Mount Manaslu, more than 60 climbers have died on its treacherous slopes. Thus, Mount Manaslu is also known as “Killer Mountain”.Plan my Trip


Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost
Near Larkey La

Likewise other major trekking in Nepal, the best time to explore Manaslu Circuit is March to May and September to November. It’s due to stable weather which allows us clear scenery of the Manaslu Mountains and also easy to cross Larkey La due to fine temperature.

Whilst Monsoon season, it’s dangerous to visit Manaslu due to landslides’ risky trail. Similarly, wintertime we can’t cross Larkey La, because of very cold temperatures and it is difficult to recognize trails due to thick snow-covered trails.


Nowadays, trekking to Manaslu Circuit is completely teahouse based trekking. The rooms are basic in Manaslu trekking but it’s neat and clean.

For the food, you will get a western type menu and you will get satisfied with food as the hotel owners of Manaslu get trained.

You will get Mineral water most of the parts of the MCT trek but if you can’t find it you can buy boiled water which is safe.

6. Internet and Phone Call

These days you’ll get WIFI at most of the teahouse of Around Manaslu Trail but you should pay a little by using it. There will be problems with a phone call if you have a Ncell or NTC sim card. So Take CDMA ( Sky Mobile Phone) or Satellite phone which works the entire trek. The NTC and Ncell sim cards work only in the initial places.

7. How to get there and away

Before Trekking to Manaslu Circuit, we have to know getting there and away of Manaslu Circuit Trek. In order to get Starting point of Manaslu (Machhakhola), you can go to by Jeep or Local Bus.

If you want to make comfort driving, reserve a jeep to get Machhakhola. But if you are traveling with a limited budget, you can drive through local buses but you can’t reach Machhakhola using buses in a single day. It takes 1 full day of trekking to get Machhakhola from Sotikhola.

In order to get back to Kathmandu, the transportation mode depends on where you stop the trek. If you stop at Nadi, you can drive Kathmandu by local bus. Or you can drive Besisahar by local bus. From Besisahar you will get Micro Bus, Car, or Local Bus to drive Kathmandu.

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