Tamang Heritage Trail Difficulty

The Tamang Heritage Trail is an easy trek that is suitable for even novice trekkers. Meanwhile, you don’t need to have previous hiking experience to explore Tamang Heritage. Although it’s easy hiking in terms of altitude, there are so many uphill and downhill which might difficult for trekkers. So in this post, we’re going to explain Tamang Heritage Trail Difficulty according to its day by day itinerary.

Since the maximum altitude of Tamang Heritage is 3165m, it is not a high altitude trek.  It is easy to get there and away because it is very near to Kathmandu City ( 135km) and also suitable for beginners’ trekkers. And as it can be a very short trek, trekkers feel easy to visit Tamang Heritage

Tamang Heritage Trail Trek Difficulty according it’s day by day Itinerary

Learn here Tamang Heritage trek difficulty on its a day by day itinerary. Some of the days, you should walk uphill more and some of the days downhill more. If you have a knee problem, it might hard for you to Tamang Heritage Trail Trek.

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Day 1 is easy: Drive to Syabrubesi

If you drive through a public bus to Syabrubesi, you will feel awkward due to long hours of driving , from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. But if you drive through a private vehicle, you’ll get quicker to Syabrubesi and feel easy to get there.

Day 2 is easy: Trek to Gatlang

It takes 5 to 6 hours to reach Ghatlang from Syabrubesi. Syabrubesi to Gatlang might be awkward to trekkers. It is hard to trek Goljung (around 3 hours steep ascending).  But upon getting to Goljung village, it is a very easy trek to Gatlang.

Day 3 is hard: Trek to Tatopani

You can see Tatopani village from Gatlang but it takes 6 to 7 hours to get there. In order to get to Tatopani Village from Gatlang, first of all, we should descend to Chilime village which takes around 2 hours. And from Chilime to Tatopani, the way is hard. Chilime to Tatopani is steep ascending which takes around 4 hours.

Day 4 is hard: Trek to Thuman via Nagthali

Tatopani to Nagthali is the hardest day throughout the Tamang Heritage trekking. First, we should ascend around 3 hours to get to the highest point of the trek( know as Nagthali). And from Nagthali to Thuman can be hard for you which is 3 hours steep descending.

Day 5 is hard: Trek to Bridim

Day 5, Tamang Heritage Hiking is less difficult than Day 4. The trail structure of Thuman to Briddim is steep ascending and descending. On this day, the Thuman to Bhotekoshi river is very hard trekking as it is very steep descending. And upon crossing the river, again hard to get Briddim which is around 3 hours ascending. So all in all, the 5th day at Tamang Heritage Trekking is hard.

Day 6 is easy: Trek to Syabru Besi

Briddim to Syabrubesi is descending walking( around 3 hours). So at lunchtime, you’ll be in Syabrubesi. All in all, day 6 is an easy trek.  

Day 7 is easy: Drive back to Kathmandu

The day back to Kathmandu is easy.  As it is just a 5 to 6 hours drive from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu, you will not feel any awkward.  

Which seasons Is it difficult trekking to Tamang Heritage Trail?

Though we can do the Tamang Heritage trail throughout the year, summertime is difficult to trek than other seasons. During the rainy time(summer seasons) it is difficult to trek due to landslides and rainy problems. But for the remaining seasons, you can explore Tamang Heritage Trail


If you’re looking for short and easy treks in Nepal, the Tamang Heritage Trail might opt for you. All in all, the Tamang Heritage trail is an easy trek that you can do without a problem. If you have any questions regarding Tamang Heritage Trek Difficulty, Cost, Itinerary, package, please contact us.

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