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personal nature expenses on trek

What are the Items of personal nature expenses on the trek?

Personal expenses, such as insurance, phone calls, Wi-Fi, battery charges, hot showers, and donations, are incurred as a result of personal activities.

1. Insurance

Insurance is necessary while trekking in the Himalayas. Especially when trekking above 3000m, altitude sickness can occur. In Nepal’s Himalayas, there are no roads, so helicopter rescue is needed in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it is important to have insurance that covers evacuations.

2. Phone Call

There are two main types of SIM cards for phone calls in Nepal: NTC and NCELL. You can purchase a recharge card to add credit to your SIM card. Phone calls are not expensive, but they are not included in our trekking package.

3. Wi-fi

Wi-Fi expenses are not included in our trekking package. However, most people cannot survive without the internet, even in Nepal. Although Nepal is an undeveloped country, Wi-Fi is available up to the base camp of popular mountains. Most guesthouses on well-known trekking trails have Wi-Fi. The cost of Wi-Fi in Nepal’s Himalayas ranges from NPR 100 to NPR 300, depending on the remoteness of the location.

4. Battery Charges

Most teahouses charge for battery charging (USD 1 to USD 3, depending on the location). You must pay for battery charging yourself.

5. Hot Shower

Hot showers are not included in Base Camp Hike’s trip package. However, most of the lower parts of the trekking trail have solar showers. Solar showers are free because we pay for room charges. However, gas showers are very expensive because gas must be transported to the mountains. Therefore, gas showers are not free, even though we have paid for accommodation. The cost of gas showers typically ranges from NPR 150 to NPR 450, depending on the location.

6. Extra Porter

We provide 1 porter for 2 guests. However, if 1 participant cannot continue the planned journey and needs an extra porter after separating guests, you must pay for the extra porter.

7. Donation

There are many primary schools and monasteries where donations are highly appreciated. Some of these institutions rely on donations to operate. If you wish to donate while trekking, you must pay for it yourself. Donations are not required.