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You might be wondering whether Peak climbing in Nepal is right for you or not? Keep in mind that peak climbing is totally different than expeditions. Climbing is a challenging adventure to get alpine experience in the Himalayas of Nepal.

In Nepal, Peak Climbing is a less technical mountain experience which is lies between 5600 to 6500 meters. Most of the Peak’s Base Camp, we can reach within a few days trekking.

There are identified 1310 peaks which are above 6000 meters tall but among them, 33 peaks permitted to climb in Nepal. According to Himalayan standards, the peaks which are ranging between 5587 to 6500 meters known as “trekking peaks”.

Peak Climbing Nepal

These trekking peaks in the Himalayas suits best to any fit and keen trekkers to start the climbing experience. Climbing these peaks is your next step adventure journey after trekking. And peak climbing is your pre-journey to Small peaks before try to Submit the tallest peak.

Without debate, trekking peak climbing provides the best climbing experience(adventures) to the experienced trekkers as well as novice climbers.

Base Camp Hike’s expert climbing guide will provide you with climbing training practices at the base camp of Peak before you dive to the summit. This practice is to boost your self-confidence and to make more comfortable climbing. Keep in mind, we provide all the trekking peak climbing equipment while you book peak climbing with Base Camp Hike.

Base Camp Hike organizes peak climbing in Nepal’s Himalayas. Basically we are offering Trekking peaks which can undertake within max-3 to 5 days from Base Camp.

Best time for trekking Peak climbing

The best time for trekking peak climbing in Nepal is spring (March till May) and Autumn (September to November). It is considered the best time to peak climbing because of no rain, less snow level in the mountains, less cold, and favorable as well as stable weather in the Himalayas.