Things to Know before going on the trek to Nar Phu Valley

The Nar Phu Valley trek is hidden gems in Annapurna Region. Though it is an adventure trek and features views the same as Annapurna Circuit Trek, it is underrated. But those who want to explore this trail, they should have some information about Nar Phu. 

Nar Village

It should know the trekkers that upon visiting Nar Phu Valley , they will not get only specaulture mountain views but also ancient tibetan budhhist culture too. Not only that diverse flora and fauna, explore the Himlung Base Camp, Nar Village, Phu Village, and Kang La Pass are main attractions of the trek.

In this post, you’ll learn what things you should know before Nar Phu Valley Trek in a complete way. Before going on this adventurous and challenging trek(Nar Phu), you should know the following things mainly.

1. Trekking Permit

As this region comes in the restricted area, you need to get the permits before traveling here. Below is the list of permits you need to get before going on trekking to this region.

To get into the beautiful Nar Phu Valley, trekkers should have a trekking permit to enter. There are 3 types of trekking permits needed to visit Nar Phu.

A). Annapurna Conservation Area Permit(ACAP)

Since Nar Phu Valley treks lie in Annapurna Conservation Area,  ACAP permits are needed and cost 30 USD.

B). Nar & Phu Valley Restricted Area (NRA) Permit

Since the Nar Phu is restricted for international tourists, Nar & Phu Valley Restricted Area (NRA) Permit is compulsory for outbound tourists. NRA permits cost U$D90 per week per person from Sep to November) and  U$D50 per week per person Dec to August.

C). TIMS Permit

Trekkers information management systems Permit is required in the purpose of Nar Phu exploration.

2.When to Trek

We can’t do Nar Phu trek throughout the year because it is a high altitude trek with mountain passes. Since we should cross Kang La, winter time is almost a dangerous and rare chance to pass.

If you want a peak best time to explore Nar Phu Valley, March to May and September to November is the best time to go to Nar Phu Valley Trek because of stable weather. Apart from that, you can even visit Nar Phu during the rainy season( June to August). So all in all, besides the winter season, you can visit Nar Phu.

3. Trekking Accommodation, Meals and Drinking Water

Likewise, the Annapurna Circuit Trek, the Nar Phu Valley trek is also a teahouse trek. But tea houses are more basic than Annapurna Circuit has. Same as at Nar Phedi, accommodation is in the local monastery. 

Most tea houses have electricity and some of them have solar panels in NarPhu village areas and for the food, you can order food from the menu. You can easily get boiled water throughout the trek, as every shopkeeper and guesthouse has a thermos of hot water.

4. Nar Phu Trek Difficulty and Training

Trekking to Nar Phu might be very hard for beginner trekkers. Not only beginners, but this trekking is also challenging for those who have some trekking experience. So what makes Nar Phu trek difficult? They are:

  1. You should walk long days with steep ascents on higher altitude so it’s difficult.
  2. Lack of flexibility in the distances that must be covered each day, hence the long days of walking make Nar Phu Trek challenging.
  3. Kang La pass is considered as one of the difficult passes due to narrow and rocky trails.

5. Recommended Trekking Agency

You can find numerous trekking agencies that offer the  Nar Phu trekking package on the internet. The Base Camp Hike is one of them. Because we had many satisfied clients who had visited Nar Phu Valley. Base Camp Hike has local guides of Nar Phu who know that trail very well. We have reasonable prices for Nar Phu Trek and so forth. 


These all things mentioned above are general things you should know before departing Nar Phu Trek. But if you have some questions that you can’t find an answer in this post, please contact us

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