Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Apart from Spring/Fall, summer is one of the charming times to explore Nepal’s Himalayas. Late June, July, August, and early September is the summer/monsoon season in Nepal. Warm temperature, Greenery landscape, very less crowded, and clear skies are the main highlights of monsoon and summer treks.

The monsoon season is considered the best season for the higher altitudes in the Himalayas.  In this, the rainy season is notoriously known for frequent rain showers. It is because of the rain that the summer season isn’t generally considered ideal for high altitude treks,

Pro of Monsoon Trek

  1. Less crowded
  2. Cheap offer from hotel and trekking  agency
  3. You’ll get the best service in teahouses(Lodge) in trekking trail

Cons of Monsoon Trek

  • Obscure mountain views
  • Muddy Trekking  trials

Due to the availability of rain-shadowed zones,   these certain trekking routes are ideal for monsoon trek. Here are Top 5 Treks in Nepal During Monsoon/Summer Season.

1) Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek
View from Upper Mustang

Trekking in Upper Mustang areas is among the best choice(#1) for monsoon trekking in Nepal.

Since  Upper Mustang is located in the rain-shadow zone of the Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri Mountain Ranges, very little rainfall occurs in Upper Mustang. It provides chances for tourists to get to Lo Manthang ( the forbidden kingdom of Lo Manthang). For details,  head over Upper Mustang Trek Nepal.

2) Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Ghorepani for beginners
View From Poon Hill Trek

In monsoon, it will be relatively free of leeches on the way to Poon Hill. Most trails of Poon Hill are wide well carved out stone steps. And we will have limited visibility but we will see a fanatic view when weather becomes clear.

For those who want to do easy treks during summer in Nepal,  Annapurna Panorama Trekking is ideal. Though there will be heavy rainfall at that time(summer) , we can participate in Annapurna Panorama Trek.

Since Poon Hill Trek is most crowded during the summer season, it will be the best early and late monsoon.

3) Upper Dolpo Trek

The Upper Dolpo trek can be the best summer/monsoon trek for those who have mountain experiences. It is an adventure trek and also needs quite more budget than other treks in Nepal.

To see a unique culture, awesome landscapes, beautiful mountain views, and Tibetan Buddhism, one should try to go to Upper Dolo once in life.

4) Rara Lake Trek

Though  Rara Lake is not as dry as Mustang and Upper Dolpo, the crystal clear waters of the Rara Lake and the alpine meadows surrounding the water truly look to come alive in the summertime.

The Rara Lake Trek is a good choice for monsoon treks in Nepal because you will get amazing natural beauty though summer/monsoon can best observe.

5) Annapurna Circuit Trek

More than half parts of the Annapurna Circuit lie in the monsoon free area, that’s why Annapurna circuit trek can be done in monsoon and summer.  During summer, the upper parts of ACT trek,  Manang, Yakkharka, Thorang Phedi,  and Thorong La are dry and arid with strong winds.

6) Nar Phu  Valley

Since Nar Phu Valley lies in the upper parts of Annapurna, it is suitable alike Annapurna Circuit Trek for summer trek. It is suitable for those who have previous mountain experiences as well as those who seek an isolated trekking experience. For details: Nar Phu Valley Trek


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