Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Apart from Spring/Fall, Monsoon Season ( summer) is one of the SUITABLE TIME to explore Nepal’s Himalayas. Warm temperatures, Greenery landscape, fewer crowd, and clear skies are the main highlights of monsoon and summer treks.

While the monsoon season( Rainy month ) may deter some travelers, it presents a unique opportunity to experience the country’s natural wonders in their full glory. The Monsoon rains transform Nepal’s lush valleys into verdant paradises, with vibrant flora, beautiful waterfalls, and green hills.
In this blog, we will highlight some of the best monsoon treks in Nepal that offers you to embark on a remarkable journey in the Himalayas.


There are a number of trekking routes protected by the Himalayan rain shadow which is bese for the rainy season. They are Upper Mustang, Nar & Phu Valleys, Manang, and the Dolpo region trek. Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo trekking are not for those looking for the economy trek as the permits of the both region costs minimum USD 500 for the 10 days permit. Besides, Mustang, Manang, & Dolpo, the Annapurna Circuit Trekking is also suitable for trekking in June, July & August ( Rainy Season ).

The following are the BEST MONSOON TREKS in Nepal.

1. Annapurna Circuit Trek – the best trekking for Rainy Season

Annapurna Circuit trekMore than half parts of the Annapurna Circuit lie in the monsoon-free area, that’s why the Annapurna circuit trek can be done in monsoon and summer.  During summer, the upper parts of ACT trek,  Manang, Yakkharka, Thorang Phedi,  and Thorong La are dry and arid with strong winds. We can drive Kathmandu to Chame and start our Annapurna Circuit Trek for Monsoon. And upon reaching Jomsom, you can flight out to Pokhara or drive to Pokhara.

2. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek – an easy and economy monsoon trek near Pokhara

Ghorepani for beginners

The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is a popular choice for trekkers looking for rainy season trekking in Nepal. Because the trail ihe trails are wide, well carved out with stone steps.
During the monsoon, the forests around Ghorepani come alive with vibrant colors, and you will get less traffic due to off-season. The highlight of this trek is the breathtaking sunrise/sunset view from Poon Hill, where you can witness the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges with magical views in very short time.

During the height of the monsoon (July & August), it can be difficult to see clear mountain views with limited visibility, but Early and late monsoon can be a great time to explore Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek as you’ll avoid the crowds and still likely see the clouds clear for great views along the way.

3. Nar Phu  Valley

way to Nar Phu ValleySince Nar Phu Valley lies in the upper parts of Annapurna, it is suitable like Annapurna Circuit Trek for monsoon time. It is suitable for those who have previous mountain experiences as well as those who want to get an isolated trekking experience. For details: Nar Phu Valley Trek.

4. Upper Mustang Trek ( Best Hike for Monsoon Time )

Monsoon Trek - Upper Mustang Trek

For those seeking a unique adventure, the Upper Mustang Trek is a must-visit during the monsoon season. Located in the rain shadow area of Nepal, Upper Mustang is known for its arid landscapes, ancient caves, and Tibetan-influenced culture. The monsoon season brings a remarkable transformation to this desert-like region, with blooming flowers, greenery, and clear skies. It provides chances for tourists to get to Lo Manthang ( the forbidden kingdom of Lo Manthang).  Hence all in all, the Upper Mustang Trekking is considered as one of the BEST TREKKING IN NEPAL FOR RAINY SEASON. For details, Upper Mustang Trek Nepal.

5. Upper Dolpo Trek

The Upper Dolpo trek can be the best summer/monsoon trek for those who have mountain experiences. It is an adventure trek and also needs quite more budget than other treks in Nepal.

Upper Dolpo Trek

To see a unique culture, awesome landscapes, beautiful mountain views, and Tibetan Buddhism, one should try to go to Upper Dolpo once in life.

6. Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake

Rara Lake, located in the far-western region of Nepal, is a pristine alpine lake surrounded by lush forests and snow-capped peaks. The Rara Lake Trek takes you through the Rara National Park, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Though  Rara Lake is not as dry as Mustang and Upper Dolpo, the crystal clear waters of the Rara Lake and the alpine meadows surrounding the water truly look to come alive in the summertime.

The Rara Lake Trek is a good choice for monsoon treks in Nepal because you will get amazing natural beauty through summer/monsoon can best observe. During the monsoon, Rara National park transforms into a vibrant ecosystem with diverse flora and fauna. Hence, all in all the Rara Lake Trekking is recommended for monsoon season trekking.

7. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

We can do Annapurna Base Camp trek during the monsoon. The monsoon season provides greenery surrounding the trail. You will see many waterfalls along the way to ABC. Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp in rainy season rewards with fantastic views of Annapurna ranges

What are the months is the monsoon in Nepal?

Time of Mid-June to Early September are  the main monsoon in Nepal. During this season, days are warm up to 32 degrees Celsius, wet, and with high humidity. Nepal has different topography. Due to its topography, rains often happen at night time. Hence, we can expect clear morning scenery.

During rainy seasons, most of the territory of Nepal gets heavy rainfall. These heavy rainfalls part can be risky in terms of landslides and floods. Landslides may block roadways as well as trekking trails. Often trail will be wet, muddy and some parts even slippery.

Why Monsoon Trekking in Nepal?

Even though Fall and Spring are the best seasons for a trek in Nepal, some treks are perfect for monsoon time. There are many pros to visiting Nepal during rainy time than the spring, fall, and winter. First and most, you will get an opportunity to visit without a crowd as well as you will get more hospitality during this time because of fewer trekkers. If you love to walk even in the rain, then why not trek in summer in Nepal. Rainy( monsoon ) has its own rewards that can’t provide by other seasons. By visiting Nepal in rainy seasson,  you will get green scenery whereas the spring season offers dry and grey scenery.

You will meet very few trekkers during the time of Mid June to Mid September. Hence you can enjoy quite more than the busy seasons. Hence, you can interact with local people and teahouse owners during that time. Nonetheless, you will see eye-catching waterfalls and Greenery scenes. Moreover, Trekking and Hiking during monsoon in Nepal can be best for botanical keens. All in all, you will have the BEST TREKKING EXPERIENCE.

Pro of Monsoon Trek

  1. Less crowded trail
  2. You will get best offers from hotels and trekking agencies
  3. You’ll get the best service in teahouses(Lodge) on the trekking trail

Cons of Monsoon Trek

  • Obscure mountain views
  • Muddy Trekking  trials

Where to hike/trek during the rainy season in Nepal?

The monsoon season is considered the best season for some of the treks in the Himalayas. Under the rain shadow area such as Upper Mustang, Lower Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Nar Phu Valley, and Above Manang to Muktinath(Upper part of Annapurna Circuit) trekking can be done during the Monsoon. However, if you are bounded with limited time and budget, Annapurna Panorama Trek and Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek are suitable.


For those who are planning for 1 to 2 weeks holidays in the month of  mid-June to Mid September in Nepal, the above-mentioned trekking trails are the BEST for the trekking. However, if you don’t want to do trekking, there are dozens of tour which is suitable even in monsoon season in Nepal. Kathmandu-Pokhara-Lumbini-Palpa-Chitwan tour is the best alternate option of monsoon time trekking.  If you want to know more, please contact us

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