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Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek 14 Days

Trip Duration: 14 Days

Manaslu Circuit Trek offers voyagers massive Himalayas view. It is relatively less crowded than Annapurna and Everest. In 1991 AD, Manaslu Region is opened for trekking. It is the 8th tallest mountain of the World. The upper part of Manaslu is located at the border of Tibet.

This trail is getting popular day by day. We can see stunning views of Mt Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna II, Shringi Himal, and many more mountains. Funny things are there are lots of mountains which are still unnamed. When you exit from Manaslu Circuit Area, you can do also Annapurna Circuit trek.

Why Manaslu Circuit Trek Nepal ?


  • Both Hindu and Buddhist culture.
  • Protected wildlife.
  • Rhododendrons and wild flowers
  • Beautiful Budigandaki rivers.
  • stunning Manaslu, Ganesh Himal and Annapuran scenery
  • Larke Pass( 5,125)
  • Hike to Manaslu Base Camp to se 8th tallest peak in the world (8,156 m)

Trek facts

Maximum Elevation5135 (Dharmasala)
Time 16 Days
Difficulty Level Moderate plus Andenture
Best Time/SeasonMarch_May and also Oct_Nov.
Lodge TypeTeahouse and Guesthouses
PermitsMCAP permits and ACAP permits

How to go and back from Manaslu ?

The distance of Kathmandu to Sotikhola is around 142km(80 miles). To Pass this distance you can choose private Jeep or Local Bus.If you wish to go by Jeep, then it will be more comfortable and fast reach to our destionation. It takes around 6 hours by Jeep to reach Sotikhola, if there is no traffic jam or road construction. You can stop jeep as you want on the way.

But Public Bus takes around 8 hours and it will go only Aarughat. They stop on some place for Food and toilet. On the bus their will more local people than tourist. Bus driver used to play Music on loud voice. You need to sacrifice all bariares which will be arise during driving.

How to back from MCT ?

From Dharapani you can reserve or hire a Jeep to go Besisahar. There will be lots of vehicle to come back kathmandu. You can get Micro bus, Car, Local Bus and Tourist Bus as well.

Manaslu Circuit Itinerary

We can make Manaslu itinerary in the between of 12 days to 21 days. The 12 days and 14 days itinerary is for Short Manaslu Circuit Trek. Here i’ve made 12 and 14 days itinerary . For Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Hiking, 21 days will require.

1stDrive from Kathmandu city to Sotikhola via Arughat Sotikhola700m 10 hours
2ndSotikhola to Machha Khola920m6 hr
3rdMachha Khola to Jagat1410m7 hr
4thJagat to Deng1802m7 H
5thDeng – Namrung2620m6 – 7 hr
6thNamrung – Samagaon3530m8 hr
7th Samagaon to Pungyen gompa back to Samagaon same7 – 8 hr
8thSamagaon to Samdo3860m4 hr
9thSamdo to Dharamsala4460m5 hr
10th Dharamsala to Bimthang via Larke La3720m10 hr
11thBimthang to Tilije2300m6 hr
12thTilije to Tal1700m7-8 hr
13thTal to Syange1100m6 hr
14thDrive to Kathmandu1300m8 hr

12 days Manaslu circuit trek

Here is 12 days itinerary of MCT.

  • 1st Day: Kathmandu to Soti Khola
  • 2nd Day: Maccha Khola
  • 3rd Day: Jagat
  • 4th Day: Deng
  • 5th Day: Namrung
  • 6th Day: Samagaon
  • 7th Day: Samagaon to Pungyen gompa. Stay at Samagaon
  • 8th Day: Samdo
  • 9th Day: Dharamsala
  • 10th Day: Dharamsala to Bhimthang vai Larke La
  • 11th Day: Dharapani
  • 12 th: Dharapani to Kathmandu by Drive

Hotel and food in Manaslu


At the beginging phase of this trai we must do Camping trek. Some camp place there is not hotel in Manaslu. But slowly local people make teahouse accroding to tourist movemenets.Nowdays you can get a room with two single beds.Some place they made also room with inside toilet.It looks seems simple but it cleans.

Before go to sleep , you can seat on warm dining hall. Because at evening they used to firehood heating dining system.

Nowdays they are improving thier teahouse. Hotel owners are concenrting to improve thier service.


Every 3 to 4 hours walking you can geet launch place. You can order your meal according to your wish which are on thier menu.For the water, its better to purify rather than buying Mineral Water. So you need to have water purification tablet.

If you use water purification then it will be great contribution to make plastic free environment.

How many days we need to do Manaslu trek ?

You can do 12 days Manaslu for short and for a long duration 22 days including Tsum Valley. Rest day and side trips make a trip long on MT. If you take a Jeep from Dharapani then you can do within 12 days.

Here are some option in the matter of Manaslu Hiking duration.

  1. 12 days (SotiKhola_Dharapani_Kathmandu )
  2. 14 days (SK_Syange_KTM)
  3. 22 days (Sotikhola_Tsum-valley_Besisahar_Kathmandu)

Choose 3 of 1 Manaslu route which is more suitable for you.

What about Manaslu Guide Hire ?

Sure, you can do Manaslu Guide Hire.The best thing of us is we have some local expert guide of Manslu Region. If you wish to have MCT local expert guide then we Base Camp Hike are ready.

Manaslu Trek Permit

Since Manaslu is the restricted trekking region of Nepal, you need to buy special permits for trekking. At least 2 person must have to get Manaslu Permit. It means solo trekkers can’t get the permit by indivisually. But they can do join a trekking with others trekkers so that he/she can get permit.

Cost of Manaslu Circuit ?

USD 950 per person is the cost for Manaslu Circuit for 14 days trek. The budget USD 950 is the normal cost for MCT. We can reduce the trip price if you have a group for trekking. In offseason, we can reduce some portion of Amount from here mentioned price.

Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek

The Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek is combined trek of 2 restricted areas trek. In 22 days, we can do both trek as tea house trek. This trek gives opportunity to see Mount Manaslu ranges as well as the hidden town Tsum Valley.

Just by adding 7 days extra on MCT, you can also do Tsum Valley Trek. Comparing to Arround Manaslu, Tsum Valley is off the beaten trail. Tsum Valley route strarts from 3,000m. We can say Manaslu Tsum valley Trek is perfect trekking for those who have 21 days time to do adventure in Nepal’s Himalayas.


Manaslu Circuit Trek 2019 with Base Camp Hike


Reviewed May 2, 2019

Lorenza V, Italy

With a group of 3 people we did the Manaslu Circuit in 12 days. Jayaram with his agency( Base Camp Hike) gave us all the necessary permits, the jeep for transport to Machhakhola, great guide and the strong porters. The service was punctual and efficient. I highly recommend Base Camp Hike for MANASLU TREK.



how long is the manaslu trek?

No. You don’t need. IF you can walk 5-6 hours a day , you can do this trail. But we suggest to do some walking practics before some months to do trek.

how difficult is manaslu trek?

You will get Teahouse accommodation on most of the places but on Khopra Ridge and Chistbung, there are community lodges.

Can we get Vegeterain food or non vegiterain food?

Expect Khopra Ridge Loge and Chistubung Lodge you will get Non-vegeterain food items. But for the vegetarian food, you will get easily everywhere lodge.

All the places you will get menu, from where you can choose what to eat.

Can we get mineral water ?

Sure, you will get mineral water almost everywhere on KHOPRA. Some places banned Mineral water to reduce plastic pressure on environment. The places where you can’t find Mineral water you can get safe drinking water but you should have your bottle to fill Water.

Do I need to have Porter to carry my stuffs ?

If you have porter, it makes trekking easier. Because porter normally carries upto 25 kg of your stuffs. So that you can walk easily.

Can we get Khopra local expert guide?

Off course, if you book Khopra trip with Base Camp Hike. Because we have guide who already did Khopra Khayar Lake jorney more than 10 times.

Do I need sleeping bag ?

You must have sleeping bag during the winter season and main trekking season in Nepal. For the rest of time because of less tourist they can provide you blankets.

Manaslu trek when to go?

Normally 6 to 7 hours a day on average.

Is it possible to get Hot shower?

Yes. Every places you can get a hot shower but for it you should pay money 1 USD to 3 USD.

Do I need trekking Poles and Crampons ?

Trekking poles is like a extra leg if you use it. Specially it helps a lot maintain your legs on good conditon.

Manaslu Circuit Maps


Since touristS has to pay more than 500 USD to get Manaslu Permit, it it quite expensive than other popular trekking trail. Only fewer tourists can afford it. If you want to know more information about Manaslu Hiking, leave a message for further details.

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