Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

In terms of Difficulty, Manaslu Circuit Trekking is considered moderately difficult trekking. Having said that, it is not only a middle hard trek, it is also a challenging trek. Because it starts from low altitude(600m) and goes to High Himalayan Pass ( 5125m, Larkey La ). In this post, you will get information on Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty in brief.

As it is less popular than Annapurna Circuit Trekking, we can say best off-the-beaten adventure trekking in Nepal. But it is considered harder than Annapurna Circuit. Especially the trail is not easy like Annapurna Circuit.

Are you seeking an adventure trek in Nepal where you can enjoy the wilderness? If yes, Trekking to Manaslu might be the best destination for you.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is suitable for trekkers who have previous trekking experience. Because upon reaching Samagaun, a high altitude trail starts till Larkey La.

Though the maximum elevation is 5106m, it is a difficult pass. Because it takes more than 10 hours to reach Dharamshala to Bhimthang.

Since the availability of teahouses on the Manaslu Trek is comparatively few than Annapurna Circuit. The average walking distance ranges from 18 to 22 km whilst Around Manaslu Trek.

Perfect Duration concerning Difficulties

There is a proportional relationship between the duration of trekking days and Manaslu Circuit difficulty. Because it required a minimum of 12 days time to finish the total distance of Manaslu 177km.

 On the 14 days trekking itinerary, trekkers should walk 15-20km each day on average. So if we make less than 12 days itinerary, we should walk more than 20km each day. To acclimatize properly, it is required to have at least a 12 days itinerary. Thus less than 12 days itinerary is supposed to get the hard finished journey to Manaslu.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance

In short, 177 kilometers(109 miles).

This distance is based on the starting point Arughat and Ends point Besisahar. The distance of Manaslu Trek depends on where to start and where to end. These days it is the trend to Manaslu Circuit trek in 14 days. So 177 km in 14 days means 12km (7 miles) each day.

Which is the most difficult day at Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The day of Larkya la. Because we should wake up early in the morning to cross Larke La before noon. Normally it takes around 10 hours to reach Bhimthang from Dharamsala but on the snow-capped trail, it takes more than 12 hours. It is a long high altitude walk from Dharamsala (4460m) to 3720m(Bhimthang). Day of Larkey La is the hardest trekking day of the entire trek.

Winter and Monsoon Time is difficult to do Manaslu Trek

Trekking to MANASLU can be quite challenging in winter. You will get up to -20 degrees Celsius temperature at Larkya La and above 3000m at 5 to -4 degrees celsius.

In wintertime, The trekking trails get covered with snow and snowfall happens every day. Thus it is very risky to cross Manaslu Larke Pass and even it is a very low possibility to cross.

Similarly, trekking to Manaslu during the Monsoon season tends to be dangerous and hard as well. At low altitudes of Manaslu, you will get suffer from Liches attacks and landslides

What makes Manaslu Circuit Trek difficult?

Snowfall, freezing nights, blazing sun, and chill wind during the day can create harder to cross Around Manaslu. Besides that the following things create difficulties.

  1. Less than 10 days itinerary can be hard.
  2. Escape the rest day at Samagaun.
  3. Without porters, it can be hard to cross Larkey La.
  4. Attending the Manaslu Trek without previous trekking experience makes it hard.

How to minimize Manaslu Trek difficulties?

Although the Manaslu trek is challenging graded, we can reduce its difficulty by using the following ideas.

  1. Make at least a 12 days itinerary. Less than 10 days of the Manaslu trek itinerary tends to create altitude sickness.
  2. Taking a Jeep from Kathmandu to Machhakhola is much easier than taking a local bus from Kathmandu to Arughat. It saves you 2 days time that you can use the upward spot to make a short walk.
  3. Take a rest day at Samaghoun.
  4. Start to drink more than 2 liters of water from Namrung. 
  5. Choose a trusted trekking agency to get a professional local guide of Manaslu.


Many adventure lovers are visiting the Manaslu Circuit Trek due to its difficulty to level. For those who are willing to have more challenging trekking in Nepal, I recommended you to do Manaslu Trek. 

Participating in the Larkey La is a worthwhile adventure outdoor activity. Proper training and an expert local trekking agency can make this journey successful.

Taking a local guide is the best way to handle the difficulty level of Manaslu Trek. For more information regarding how difficult is Manaslu Circuit trek or to book it with a local agency, please feel free to contact us.

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