Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Upon choosing the Manaslu circuit trekking, It is required to know its cost. Though Manaslu Circuit Trekking is off-the-beaten, it is expensive than the Popular Annapurna Circuit Trek. In this post, I’m going to show you Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost in brief.

The total cost of Manaslu Circuit Trek is around USD $1096 if you buy a package from Base Camp Hike.

And this price is on the basis of 14 days of trekking. The cost can be reduced down if shortened some days. Likely if in case, days expansive.

Let’s breakdown Manaslu Circuit trek cost into its each component.

Transportation Expenses on Manaslu:

Nowadays,Manaslu circuit trek begins from Sotikhola. So to get Sotikhola, we have 2 types of landtrasport available. One is a local bus and the other one is a private jeep.

You should pay around 10 $ per person on local bus but it takes longer than jeeps and also will be over passenger than seats.

Another alternative is private jeeps which charge around 150 USD to 200 USD from Kathmandu to Sotikhola. It is more expensive than a local bus but it makes a comfortable journey to Sotikhola. If you are in a group , you can share the participants with maximum 7 pax.

But at the end of Manaslu trek, we can take a Jeep from Dharapani to Besisahar(either sharing or private). By sharing 10 to 15 USD and in private will be charged around 200 USD.

Besisahar to Kathmandu

From Besisahar, we can go to Kathmandu using local microbuses and it charges around 8 USD.

Manaslu Trekking permits Costs

Manaslu trekking areas is a restricted area so speak permit is required to trek there and Annapurna conservation Areas permit also required.

The following are the Manaslu permit costs.

Manaslu Restricted Area Permit: For the permits, the government of Nepal charges according to months.

September to November:- 100 USD per person per week and 15 USD per person per day (beyond 1 week).

Similarly, December to August:- 75 USD per person per week and 10 USD per person per day (beyond 1 week).

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit :USD 30 per person

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit :USD 30 per person

If you want to do Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley Trek, you must have another special permit that costs below.

Tsum Valley Restricted Permit

Costs September to November, USD 40 per person per week and USD 7 per person & day (beyond 1 week).

Similarly, December to August, USD 30 per person per week USD 7 per person per day day

Cost of guides and porters

Being Manaslu Circuit trek is a restricted area trekking, you can’t go solo style. You must have a guide and there should be at least 2 people to get a permit of trekking.

You must have licenced holder guide for trekking to the Manaslu region but Porter is optional.

Professional guides: USD 23-30 per day

Cost of porters: USD 18-24

A porter is optional whilst you are going to Manslu trek with a guide. So Manaslu trek porter charges you around USD 18-24.

Cost of porter-guide: USD 20-25

Accommodation Cost

Around Manaslu trek, you will not get star categories Hotel and tourist lodges but you will get basic tea houses to standard lodge in Manaslu region where a tea House charges about USD 6 to USD 10 a night on a twin sharing room. If you want a single room for yourself, you will have to pay for two people

Food and Drink Cost On Manaslu Trek

Concerning the food and drinks on Manaslu trek, all the tea-houses offer the basic local meals.

Lower part of Manaslu is cheaper for food and drinks but the upper parts are more expensive than lower. Because it is expensive to transport food and drinks from Aarughat to the upper parts of Manaslu.

In short, in the Manaslu region, the cost of food and beverage items is slightly more expensive than in other trekking areas of Nepal. And it’s due to remoteness.

Food cost in Manaslu

The cost of the food starts from around $2 per meal at the beginning of the trek place and at the higher elevation can go 10 dollars per meal.

Drinks cost

You will get tea, coffee at ranges of 1 USD to 4 USD per cup and safe drinking at the price range of 0.5 USD to 4 USD.

For the soft drinks per 1litre it charges 2 USD to 8 USD and for Beer 3 USD to 12 USD.

Travel Insurance Cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek

As Manaslu Circuit trek is an adventure trek, you should have insurance which covers helicopter rescue up to a height of 6000 meters.

For these types of insurance, you can purchase a 30-day insurance policy costing around USD 150 to USD 20 .

Wifi and Battery Charge Cost

We can get WIFi and Battery charge facility most of the spot of MANASLU REGION and it depends on places. Along the manaslu trek, Minum 100 to maximum 300 per device charge per device.

Whilst trekking to Manaslu, you should pay USD 3-5 for an hour of charging of electronic gadgets such as a camera, mobile phone.

You can’t get charge plugin points, mostly teahouse rooms along the Manaslu Route.

Cost of Tips

You can show some gratitude to your guides and porters after the successful completion of the Manaslu Circuit trek. Since tipping is optional, you can give as you wish. But it is a custom to give 15% of Manaslu Circuit total cost to the Guide and 10% to the porter.

Final say Manaslu circuit trek cost and Itinerary

Though the above factors decide roughly the cost of Manaslu, trekking style and itineraries vary the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost. Feel free to get in touch with BASE CAMP HIKE for the best deals on cost and make a flexible itinerary of Manaslu trekking.

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