If you are seeking for best wilderness trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas, MAKALU BASE CAMP TREK is for you. Before it was a fully CAMPING TRIP, but these days you can do TEAHOUSE BASIS TRIP. It is not expensive as some years ago(due to the camping style). Trekking to Makalu is  very affordable trekking now.


Mostly of trekkers prefer to do Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp. Limited tourists visit the Makalu Base Camp. Among the 14 highest peaks in the world, the Makalu(8485m) is the 5th. It has four-sided pyramid shape. The Makalu is a giant mountain and it is an underrated hiking trail

Mount Makalu is situated in the Mahalangur Himalayas ranges on the border between Nepal and Tibet and is 19 km southeast of Mount Everest. Though it is one of the eight-thousanders, Makalu is an isolated peak. Being Makalu Base Camp trek is a remote route, it rewards visitors to taste unspoiled trekking trails, interesting cultures, forests of Rhododendrons, wildlife, and others above 8,000 meters of mountain views.

For experienced trekkers who desire to take a challenging trip in Nepal’s Himalayas, trek to Makalu is the best choice.


Trekking Name :Makalu Base Camp Trek
Maximum Altitude : 4,870meter (15,978 feet )
Duration :17 Days
Group Size :1 person to 30 Person
Best Time :September to November
Difficulty Level :Adventure
Start / End Point :Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Nature of Trek :Teahouses
Makalu Base Camp View


According to Base Camp Hike’s plan for Makalu Base Camp Trekking, it cost USD 1635 on a double occupancy basis. If you’re in a group(more than 3 people), we can give you a discount. Likewise, if you want to have more luxury Makalu Trek, we will provide you with extra charges.


No. of TouristPrice Per Person
1 person(Solo)USD 2098
2 personUSD 1635
3 personUSD 1595
4 personUSD 1560
5 personUSD 1514
6 personUSD 1495
7 personUSD 1450
8 personUSD 1420
9 personUSD 1415
10 personUSD 1390
11 to 19 personUSD 1375
20 to 29 personUSD 1350
30 and moreUSD 1330
Mount Makalu

Why Trekking to Makalu Base Camp?

Upon reaching Makalu Base Camp (4870m), the trekkers will relish the alluring view of Makalu (8481m), Everest (8848m), Kanchenjunga (8586m), Lhotse (8516m), Baruntse (7129m), Chamlang (7319m), and others snow-capped the Himalayas.
As the trek to the Makalu region lies in Makalu Barun National Park, trekkers can see varieties of floras and faunas. The Makalu Barun National Park is the 8th largest national park in Nepal that covers 2,330 sq. km in area. This national park offers tropical forests, snow-capped peaks, and rare animals such as Red Panda.

What are the highlights?

  • One of the best trekking to grab a panoramic view of above 8 thousand peak
  • Taste the sight of Eastern Nepal which is known as a remote part of Nepal
  • It offers a glimpse of Mount Everest from a different angle than any trip to the Everest Region
  • Trek to Makalu offers green terraced farmland to glaciers and cascading waterfalls
  • Experience the Rai and Sherpa culture
  • Makalu is the home of the Red Panda and other rare wild animals

DAY O1: Kathmandu to Tumlingtar by Flight and drive to Num

  • Teahouse
  • 35-40 minute
  • 4 – 5 Hour drive
  • B, L, D
  • 1490 m/4888 ft

DAY O2 : Trekking to Seduwa

  • Teahouse at Seduwa
  • 7 – 8 Hour 
  • B, L, D
  • 1500 m/4921 ft

DAY O3 : Seduwa to Tashi Gaon

  • Teahouse at Tashi Gaon
  • 5 – 6 Hour 
  • B, L, D
  • 2100m/6890 ft

DAY O4 : Tashi Gaon to Kauma Danda(Khongma Danda)

  • Teahouse at Khongma Danda
  • 5 – 6 Hour
  • B, L, D
  • 3500m/11483ft

DAY O5 : Rest day at Kauma Danda

  • Teahouse at Khongma Danda
  • NA
  • B, L, D
  • 3500m/11483ft

DAY O6: Trekking to Dobato

  • Teahouse at Dobato
  • 5-6 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 3862m/12670ft

DAY O7 : Trekking to Yangla Kharka

  • Teahouse at Yangla Kharka
  • 4-5 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 3557m/11670 ft

DAY O8 : Trekking to Langmale Kharka

  • Teahouse at Langmale Kharka
  • 4-5 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 4410m/14469 ft

DAY O9: Trekking to Makalu Base Camp

  • Teahouse at Makalu Base Camp
  • 4-5 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 4870m/15978 ft

DAY 10: Hike to Hillary Camp(Exploration Day at Makalu Base Camp)

  • Teahouse at Makalu Base Camp
  • 4-5 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 4870m/15978 ft

DAY 11 : Trekking to Yangla Kharka

  • Teahouse at Yangla Kharka
  • 6-7 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 3557m/11670 ft

DAY 12 : Yangla Kharka to Dobato

  • Teahouse at Dobato
  • 6-7 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 3862m/12670 ft

DAY 13: Dobato to Khongma Danda

  • Teahouse at Khongma Danda
  • 6-7 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 3500m/11483 ft

DAY 14:Khongma Danda to Tashi Gaon

  • Teahouse at Tashi Gaon
  • 5-6 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 2100m/6890 ft

DAY 15 :Tashi Gaon to Seduwa

  • Teahouse at Seduwa
  • 4-5 hours
  • B, L, D
  • 1500 m/4921 ft

DAY 16 :Trekking to Tapla Kharka and Drive to Tumlingtar

  • Lodge at Tumlingtar
  • 2-3 hours hike and 3-4 hours drive
  • B, L, D
  • 410m/1345 ft

DAY 17: Tumlingtar to Kathmandu by Flight

  • Hotel in Kathmandu
  • 35-40 minutes
  • 10-20 minutes
  • B, L
  • 1400m/4594ft


  • Kathmandu International airport transfer
  • 2 nights accommodation with breakfast at 3-star category hotel(Hotel Moonlight or Similary Category) in Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu – Tumglingtar – Kathmandu(Round Trip) Airfare with Taxes
    including GUIDE
  • Tumlingtar to Num by PrivateJeep
  • Tapla Kharka to Tumlingtar by Private Jeep
  • All required trekking permits as per itinerary
  • Teahouse accommodation in the mountains(Double Occupancy Basis)
  • Full-board meals during the trekking (16 x breakfast, 16 x lunch, 16
    dinners) as per itinerary
  • 1 License holder local Guide
  • Required number of porters ( 2 guest luggage is equal to 1 porter)
  • All expenses of Trekking staff(Guide and Porters)
  • Trekking map and trip achievement certificate
  • First Aid Kit with An Oximeter to monitor your oxygen and pulse at the
    high altitudes area in the mountain.
  • All Taxes Tax, Vat, and Company service charge

Cost Excludes

  • International Airfare
  • Nepal Entry Visa
  • All types of Drinks
  • Every Personal Nature Expenses
  • Trekking equipment
  • Travel insurance( As it is a Challenging trek you should have Insurance )
  • Lunches and dinners in Kathmandu City
  • Personal gear for trekking
  • Costs from unexpected occurrences (i.e. cancellations, weather problems,
    damages of property, illness, etc.)
  • Tip for trekking crews(Not compulsory but highly Expected)
  • All other things which are not mentioned in the INCLUSION SECTION


How to go to Makalu Base Camp from Kathmandu?

There is a daily flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar. It takes 1 hour to reach Tumlingtar from Kathmandu by using domestic flights. Upon landing in Tumlingtar, after some hours of drive, we will be at the Makalu trekking starting spot. In terms of back to Kathmandu, we’ll take Tumlingtar to Kathmandu flight which is also included in our plan.

How difficult is Makalu Base Camp Trekking?

This is a challenging trek. If you already did Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Circuit, you can do Makalu Trekking.

Makalu Elevation / How high is Makalu?

The elevation of Makalu is 8,485 meters/27,838 feet. Mount Makalu is ranked as the 5th tallest peak.

Do I need the experience for Makalu Hike?

Yes, you should have. Makalu is an adventure trek that’s why you should have mountain experience.

Can I use credit cards in Makalu Base Camp Trekking?

No, possible. Only Nepali Cash is acceptable.

What types of accommodation are available?

Tea houses.

Are there any communication facilities on this Base Camp Trekking?

Yes, they have communication facilities but not everywhere on the route.


17 Days Makalu Base Camp Trekking

May 22, 2022

We did Makalu Base Camp Trekking with Base Camp Hike and it was one of the most beautiful trek that I had. It was my third trek in Nepal and became my favorite. Thanks a lot to Jaya for providing Som(Guide) who is an excellent guide. Som took care of us a lot during the trekking. Thank you, Jayaram for everything. we surely recommend Base Camp Hike to travelers. Thank you.

Sophil M
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