Is Nepal safe for female travelers? Get 5 tips to visit Nepal

You are making a plan to visit Nepal but want to travel alone. If so, you are getting mindstorming whether Nepal is safe for solo Female Travel or not ?

If so this post will clarify some facts that ensure Nepal is a solo travel friendly country . Nonetheless on this article you’ll find 5 major tips to visit Nepal for female travelers.

If you go trekking in the Himalayas, you will see many solo female travelers trekking alone or with the guide(both male and female guide). This is strong evidence to prove NEPAL is safe for female travelers.

Though Nepal is safe to travel alone you should know some safety tips. Below I’ve mentioned major safety tips for solo female travelers. But it is also very useful to male travelers who want to travel alone in Nepal.

Nepal’s hospitality is one of the best in the world because Nepalese people treat it as a God. There are more thousand solo women travelers come every year. It is safe for all tourists to visit Nepal including Female travelers. However if you’re making a plan to trekking or tour in Nepal, to get information of visited places, you can Hire female Guide. It is cheap to hire female trekking/tour guide if you like and it is easily available for all over Nepal.

1. Don’t walk at late night

If you are in trekking in the Himalayas and alone, don’t walk at dark. Because you can get attack from wild animals. So to be safe from wild animals, do trek only at day time.

2. Choose your accommodation wisely

For the personal safety in Nepal, you should aware from hotel and Food. There are thousands of hotels, hostels, teahouses and guest houses across Nepal, and most of them are well run, well kept and safe to stay in.

But nowadays people are travelling with very low budgets and prefer to stay in budget hostels or guesthouses in Nepal. Among the set of cheapest hotels most of them are trusted and safe but some of them are not. If the guest house or lodge, or hostels, or even teahouse have few guests in the peak season, we can say they are not suitable for stay. They may not be popular among the tourists due to all the wrong reasons.
TO find best accomodation place you can check their reviews on trusted travel site such as TripAdvisor,Yelp or Even

So, look at their services reviews before booking . You don’t need to book a star hotel to be safe but you should check their trustiness online even if they are cheapest.

3. Always carry a Headlight

Electricity black outs problems are normal in Nepal even though load shedding is gone. So always carry a Torch or head light with you while travelling in Nepal.

4. Wear Modestly

A skirt which covers your knees is good to wear. In the cities you can wear any kind of modern dresses. But while you are going for trekking or traveling out of cities, it is recommended to wear long skirts and long sleeves.

5. Contact Tourist Police If Needed

If tourists get problems regarding the safety of their body and their assets, they can contact Nepal Tourist Police at +977 01-4247041 to get legal treatment. For the details, visit Nepal tourist Police’s official website. Ensure your country has an embassy/consulate or consular services in Nepal.


Although Nepal is safe to travel alone for tourists, we recommend female travelers travel with a guide to make trekking in the Himalayas.  A GUIDE is a responsible person for tourists safety.  A good guide always makes an effort for tourist safety. 

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