How to travel Nepal during the Covid 19 Pandemic?

Nepal’s resume trekking and tours slowly. We’re seeing some positive vibes on Nepal’s tourism. Because of less death ratio from covid-19, people are traveling here without fear. Domestic people are making mountain trekking. In recent, many Nepalese tourists are in the Himalayas.

So, how to travel safely in Nepal during the covid pandemic?

Following safety protocols, domestic tourists are enjoying the Himalayas.
For all tourists (both national and international), trekking routes are open. And many of the restrictions for international tourists are fading away. During the pick covid period(2020), there were many rules to visit Nepal for the tourist.

Nowadays, there are a few rules that travelers should follow. All these rules are simple and must follow by the tourists as issued by the government of Nepal. But there are still some rules and regulations for international tourists to visit Nepal. If you’re wondering how tourists can travel to Nepal in this global pandemic era, you’re on the right page. With this blog post, we’re going to show you how to travel to Nepal in 2021.

  • Wear a Mask everywhere if it’s possible. We know it’s difficult to trekking by wearing a mask. But what to do we need to safe. Wear a mask, if somebody is near you.
  • Sanitize regularly or wash your hands with quality soup.
  • It is required to Sanitize your hands every time when you toches things that most people used. And wash your hands with quality soup if you touch something from whom the virus can spread.

For Nepal Visa

For the Nepal visa approval letter, tourists should provide flight details, a scanned copy of a passport, and COVID insurance papers. Only by getting these documents, a trekking or travel agency can provide the Nepal visa approval letter to the tourist.

After arriving in Nepal tourists must test PCR

Upon arriving in Nepal and before starting their trip, tourists have to take a PCR test. And getting negative PCR test reports, they can make thier trip.

In case of Positive PCR Report

Those who have negative PCR reports can depart for the trekking. However, if corona’s test shows a positive PCR result, they shall not resume their trip. At that condition, they can stay in quarantine until unless a negative PCR test report. Upon getting a Negative PCR report, tourists can resume their trip on onward destination

A final thought regarding Nepal travel during this Pandemic

Though these guidelines are awkward and awful some tourists, as responsible people in the world we all people follow the safety tips. By following these tips, we can visit the pandemic safely without spreading the virus somewhere else.

Every month Nepal government is cutting protocols for tourists to make it easier to visit Nepal. By following the above guidelines, travelers can visit Nepal easily.
Bear in mind that, the rules and regulations regarding covid-19 might change any time upon government decision. In order to get the latest information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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