How to go to Syabrubesi and Dhunche from Kathmandu?

Syabrubesi is the gateway to the popular Langtang Valley Trek and the Tamang Heritage Trail, while Dhunche is the gateway to the Gosaikunda Trek and the Gosaikunda Pass Trekking. If you have long holidays, you can do major treks in the Langtang region starting and ending in Syabrubesi. Although Syabrubesi is only 57.8 miles ( 122 kilometers ) from Kathmandu, it takes around 5 to 6 hours to get there because some portions of the road are off-road. To reach Syabrubesi and Dhunche from Kathmandu, you can only travel overland via jeep or bus.

Cost for Kathmandu – Syabrubesi – Kathmandu by Private Jeep

BASE CAMP HIKE Pvt Ltd provides transportation from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi in a comfortable private Jeep. We offer a tourist-standard Jeep for the Kathmandu to Syabrubesi route. The cost is USD 160 for a Private Jeep from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. The cost for a Jeep from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu is also USD 160, making the total round-trip cost USD 320. Each Jeep can comfortably travel up to 6 people for the journey between Syabrubesi and Kathmandu.

Cost for Kathmandu to Dhunche and Dhunche to Kathmandu by Private Jeep

We offer a private Jeep service at a low cost for trips from Kathmandu to Dhunche and vice versa. Our Jeeps are tourist-standard, ensuring a comfortable drive. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, we can also arrange a local Jeep. Each Jeep can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people for the journey. The cost for a Jeep from Kathmandu to Dhunche or vice versa is USD 140.

How is the condition of the road to Syabrubesi and Dhunche from Kathmandu?

The road to Syabrubesi from Kathmandu is good, but some sections near Dhunche are unpaved. Landslides are possible during the monsoon season, but driving is safe during other seasons (autumn and spring). Overall, the road conditions from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi are fine and safe to travel.

How can you get a bus for the Syabrubesi and Dhunche drive from Kathmandu?

how to go to Syabrubesi and Dhunche from Kathmandu

To get from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi and Dhunche, you can use the following modes of transportation:

Kathmandu to Syabrubesi/Dhunch by BUS

You can take a public bus from the New Bus Park in Kathmandu to Syabrubesi and Dhunche. Buses depart early in the morning from 6 am to 7:50 am. The bus takes around 7 to 8 hours to reach Syabrubesi and around 6 to 7 hours for Dhunche. The cost of the bus ticket is around NPR 950 to 1050 each.

What is the best way to get to Syabrubesi or Dhunche?

As some portions of the road to Dhunche and Syabrubesi are unpaved and bumpy, you cannot go by taxi, car, or hiace. The most comfortable way to travel overland is by private jeep, which you can arrange independently or share with others. Private and shared jeeps follow the same route, but private jeeps allow you to stop wherever you want.

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