How to Go Besisahar

You might be wondering how to go to Besisahar in order to start Annapurna Circuit trek or Tilicho Lake or whatever other proposes. If yes, in this post, I am going to highlight how to go to Besisahar from kathmandu as well as from Pokhara . Nonetheless, We will also highlight , how to Syangey, Dharapani, Chame, Manang, and Jomsom to Pokhara. All these places are lies in on the way to Annapurna Circuit Trekking. Without furthe ado, let dive into it.

Annapurna Circuit Trekking

Annapurna Circuit Trek

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How to go to Besisahar from Kathmandu and it’s cost

Kathmandu to Besisahar is an easy ride by Bus or Micro Bus. Total distance of Kathmandu to Besisahar is approx 175 KM. The narrow road from Dumre takes you to the starting point of popular Annapurna Circuit Trekking. Buses leaves for Kathmandu to Besisahar from New Bus Park which is also known as Gongabu Bus Park daily.
In order to get GATEWAY OF ANNAPURNA CIRCUIT TREKKING(BESISHAHAR), we have to follow same highway as for the Pokhara. Upto Dumre Road for Kathmandu to Pokhara and Kathmandu to Besisahar is same but from Dumre, we will follow Marsyandi river to get Besishahar. Road from Dumre to Besisahar is narrow than the Kathmandu to Dumre.
We will get Bus as well as Micro buses to Besishar from Near New Buspark(Gonagabu Buspark).
How to get Gongabu Buspark(Bus station of Besisahar) from Thamel?
You will reach Gongabu buspark within 25 to 30 mintues walk from Thamel, or you can take a taxi which cost 200 to 300 NPR.
Things to know, there is no tourist bus to Besisahar from Kathmandu. Either you have to use Public Bus/Mirco Bus or Private Car/Jeep/Hiace.
You will get 12 seater Microbuses and 35 seater local bus for Besisahar. Normally it takes around 6 hours from KTM. If you wish to make more comfortable journey or want to get there quick , you can use Car/Jeep/Hiace(depends on group size) . For the Car it cost USD 140 and for the Jeep USD 180 .

Limited Offer: Hire a PROFESSIONAL TREKKING GUIDE for Annapurna Circuit Trek at USD 18 Per Day and STRONG PORTER(to carry your luggage throught the trekking) at USD 16 per day.

How to go Syangey from Besisahar and it cost

In order to go Syangey, we can take either private Jeep or local Jeep. It does take around 2 to 3 hours to reach Syangey from Besisahar. If you hire a private Jeep, it cost around 80 to 90 USD for a Jeep. But for the shared Jeep(passenger collection basis), it cost USD 15 to USD 20 per person.

How to go Chame from Besisahar/Kathmandu and it cost

We can make drive Chame from Kathmandu or from Besisahar by Jeep. There is no bus transfer. For Jeep drive to Chame, it cost USD 300 to USD 350 from kathmandu and from Besisahar USD 200 to USD 220. For only Dharapani it cost USD 150 to USD 170 for a private Jeep.

How to go to Manang

If you want to go to Manang by drive instead of trekking, you can drive by Jeep. You can hire a private Jeep from Kathamndu or Besisahar or from Pokhara or any other places in Nepal. Moreover, you will collection basis Jeep to Manang Village also. It cost around USD 350 to USD USD 380 to drive Manang Village from Besisahar.

How to go to Pokhara from Jomsom

These days most of the tourists who visits Annapurna Circuit as well as Tilicho Lake Trekking finishes trek at Jomsom. From Jomsom, to get Kathmandu, there’s no direct flight. Either you have to fly to Pokhara and take another flight to Kathmandu or you can drive to Pokhara and from Pokhara you can fly as well as drive to Kathmandu.

If you want to see more scenery and prefer to drive than flight, you can drive Jomsom to Pokhara by Local Bus or Private Jeep. We can get Jomsom to Kathmandu bus transfer as well. It cost around USD 120 for Jomsom to Pokhara by plane and by Private Jeep USD 260. For local buses transfer to Pokhara from Jomsom, it cost around USD 20.

Final Thought regarding How to Go to Besisahar [ From Kathmandu & from Pokhara ]

There’re many ways to go to Bisahar as I mentioned above. But unfortunately, we don’t have flight to Besisahar. The Surface transfer is only 1 medium to go Strarting point of Annapurna Circuit Trekking(Besishahar). If you want to know more information about how to go to Besisahar, or Nadi, or Syange, or Chamje, or Dharapani, or Chame, or Manang Village, please feel to contact us.

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