How to Book a Trekking in Nepal?

You might be wondering “how to book your trekking in Nepal”? It is easy to book a trek in Nepal. So through this post, I am going to show you the best way to book treks in Nepal.

Let’s look at the top 3 best advice from local experts from Nepal.

1. Booking through Nepalese Trekking agencies Websites

There are more than 1759 trekking agencies which are the members of Trekking agency association of Nepal. All of them have their own official website. On their website you’ll find all trekking packages with price and how to book with them. Though it is the most popular way to book trekking these days it has pros and cons. Let’s look at the pros and cons of booking through local trekking agencies websites.

Pros and cons


  • You probably get the best deals with a local agencies.
  • It supports local community
  • You’ll save broker(commission) charges.
  • flexible to change the dates if needed.


  • Some tourists feel odd to book with unfamiliar trekking agencies.

2. Using Travel Portal ( Third-party websites )

These days numerous tourists used to book their trip through international travel portals. It is also known as a third-party travel website.

There are dozens of third-party international travel websites which are offering trekking in Nepal. Among them, TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, GetYourGuide, Bookmundi, KimKim, TravelByLocals, BookaTrekking are popular travel portals to book trekking in Nepal. These third party travel websites are still existing though it is not an economy for tourists.

Those who don’t care about travel expenses and focus only on the trustiness of online travel portal, it is suitable.  Let’s dive to the pros and cons of travel portal websites.


  • More trusted


  • More expensive packages.
  • It is not flexible to change the dates and refund money if needed.
  • It’s not helpful to support the local community.

3. Search agencies offers on internet upon getting Nepal

If you’re not on a very tight schedule, you can book upon getting Nepal . Once you arrive in Nepal, you can search on the internet for your potential trekking trail.  

Upon finding the best deals, you can contact them through email,  or by calling. Afterward, upon your conversation with the agency, you can visit their office to make a confident booking. On this method, you can even meet your potential guide before booking a trek.

If you find everything good, you can confirm(booking ) a trip at the same time. Let’s look at this method’s pros and cons.


  • 1. You can save money transfer charges.
  • 2. It is more economical than booking via a third-party website.
  • 3. You can visit the agency office and potential trek guide before trekking booking.


  • 1. It might get difficult to get an experienced guide in Autumn and Spring.
  • 2.  It is not suitable to make a group joining a trek.

Which method should I choose ?

If you want to do trekking in Nepal in the Spring/Autumn use advice 1(Booking through Nepalese Trekking agencies Websites).

Likewise if you want to do trekking in Nepal in the low season( winter/summer), you can book using advice 3(Search agencies offer on the internet upon getting Nepal).


Did I miss anything regarding trekking booking? Let me know how you are going to book your trek?

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