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Since Nepal is himalayan country, visibility changes frequently. Nonethelesss, topography of Nepal is not suitable to flight on critcle weather conditions. All of the Nepal’s airport doesn’t have the Instrument Landing System. So domestic flight to any destination can cancel or delay due to bad weather. Here bad weather implies to thich fog, heavy rain, strong wind, etc.

Relation between Flight Cancellation, delay and Seasons

Flight cancellation and trekking season are two interrelated things. Because according to trekking seasons, domestic flight can impacted. Let hightlight this according to trekking seasons.


You might know autumn seasons is best season(time) to visit Nepal. Reason behind this is dry seasons, clear sky and stable weather. Chances to get bad weather in this period is very rare.

Winter Season

In winter season, flight can cancel due to thick fog.

Summer Season

Winter season lies between June to August. It is also known as rainy season. Strong winds, heavy rain and patchy clouds make visibility unclear on this season. So flight delay and cancellation can happen.

Solution of fligth cancellation in Nepal

In the case of Everest Base Camp trek, flight cancellation and delay can happen. So it is recommended to add 2 or 3 days for spare in case flight cancel. On that period even, flight cancelled we can use road transportation to reach our destination.