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Are you looking for a female guide hire in Nepal or how to hire a female Guide in Nepal? If  yes, you’re in right page. As we have professional female mountain leaders as well as city tour leaders, we can provide you the BEST FEMALE GUIDE. You will get an experienced guide that can fulfill your wanderlust to explore the city of Nepal as well as all-over Nepal at a reasonable price from us.

Female trekking guides will be a perfect companion for female travelers as they can share common feelings and better understand each other throughout the journey.Hence all over the world, the female guide has become popular the same as a male guide. In this post, we’re going to highlight “Female guides in Nepal”.

With increasing numbers of female travelers in Nepal , the demand for female guides is growing. But, the number of female trek/tour leaders in Nepal is quite less than male guides.

Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Cost, Daily Hiring Price of Female Tourists Guide in Nepal

The number of female guides in Nepal in comparison to male guides is very less. Supply is quite less than the demand for female trekking guides. As a result, the hiring cost is higher than the male leader. Generally daily charges of female guide ranges from 20 $ to 28 $ per day(depends on availability).

Female Guide Hire in Nepal – Overview

In the past, there was a lack of supply of female guides although its demand was high. Because in the scenario of Nepal, it was a tradition that males should work every work except household whereas female-only household works.

Nowadays, lots’ programs are running for women’s empowerment. As a result, females are working in different sectors the same as males nowadays. The tourism sector is also a big working sector of female workers in Nepal. Not only trekking/tour guides, but you can also see female cooks or even hotel owners on trekking routes.

Female tourist guide in Nepal

Nepal has numerous tourist spots, so many tourists want to explore there. Among them, there might be solo female travelers or female groups. Whilst they visit, a female guide is needed for them for guided city sightseeing tours or trekking.

In a guided tour, travel/tour agencies sell their package including guides. If tourists request a female guide for a tour or trekking, they can get it by paying certain bucks per day.

Comparison to the male trip leader, the number of female trekking guides is nearly negligible.

Why you should Female Guide Hire in Nepal

Many female travelers demand female guide for their comfort, to avoid sexual harassment, and better understand their problems during the trek. The practice of the female tourist guide is beneficial for both(guide and trekkers). Hiring a guide is beneficial at every angle. Some of them are below :

Female Trekking Guide Nepal


Trekking with a female guide is quite more comfortable than male guides for solo female travellers. Because for the same gender, intimacy will be quick. Hence journey will be comfortable.

2. More Secure

Many of the female travelers demand female as their guide for their comfort, avoid sexual harassment, and quickly understand their problems during the hiking. The practice of the female trekking guide is beneficial to both the female trekkers as well as a female trekking guide.

3. Friendly

Though male guides can be friendly companions to travel, females can be more friendly. As the same gender can be friend quicker than the inverse. So F.guide can be your friend quickly.

4. Employment opportunities for female

If you choose a female guide while trekking, it creates women employment opportunities in society. Many women in Nepal are suffering from job opportunities. A woman can be financially independent of a trekking job.

How to get a Female Guide for trekking in Nepal?

It’s an easy way to find female trip leaders these days. Just search “female guide hire in Nepal” on your preferable search engine. Afterwards you will see many Nepalese trek companies who are offering that types of service. Upon visiting thier website , you can contact with them to book for your trip.

Trek Agency for Female Guide Hire in Nepal

Though there some female guide-based trekking, other companies are also providing female tour leaders. Be sure, we can arrange your best female leader at the cheapest prices.

Final words regarding Female Guide

For those solo female travellers who prefer to have a female guide, it’s possible in Nepal. Moreover, it’s possible from our company(BASE CAMP HIKE).

The Base Camp Hike can arrange a professional female trip leaders at a reasonable price. So don’t hesitate to contact us to get the best tour/trek leader.