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Do you want to travel to Nepal with your family(Kid or Parents)? Trekking with your family which means you can enjoy the trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas even with your kids or parents. And to accomplish family trips, it’s not hard too in Nepal. 

Likewise other types of trekking, family trekking is popular in Nepal. Because Nepal is the prime destination to see giant mountains. And providing this opportunity to your family is one of your achievements.

If you are thinking of making a beautiful journey with your family, it’s wise to choose easy trekking in the Himalayas. You should choose trekking for beginners as you intend to trek with your kids or parents. So that trip will be far from connectedness.

As Nepal has well developed trekking trails to least developed trekking trails, we strongly recommend that you choose a well developed trekking trial.

Q1. So what types of trekking routes are suitable for family treks ?

It depends on your family members preference and hiking experiences. If your parents or children are going to take a trekking first time in life, easy trekking trails are best. Normally , low altitude based trekking routes are easy so it can be suited for any age-group who can travel. 

Likewise, if members  in a family are experienced hikers and want to immerse themselves in more adventure, adventure trekking trails can be optimal choices.

Though mostly trekking routes accommodation is basic teahouse, it is not like before decade. Because it mostly had major upgrades which is suitable for your kids too.

Since Nepal inrich with easy and adventure trekking routes, Nepal can be a perfect destination to celebrate family holidays. To make successful family trekking/hiking in Nepal, trekkers should wisely trail before booking.

Q2. Why don’t we recommend adventure trekking routes for Family trek ?

It is very risky to get Altitude mountain sickness to the Senior and Junior members of the family whilst high altitude trekking in Nepal. So make an easy, comfortable, and safe trip for all members, instead of High Altitude trekking, easy and short duration hiking/trekking is recommended for the family trek.

1.Annapurna Region Family Trek

Most well known trekking trails of Annapurna  Region are suitable for family trekking. Because there are enough  teahouses on the trail with short distance walking. If some of the family members can’t walk, we can do a trek by riding a horse. It is also known as pony trekking in Annapurna.

What are the best trails for kids and aged trekkers ?

Almost all trekking routes are the best for family trekking in Annapurna.

3. Ghorepani Poon Hill Family Trekking

Ghorepani Poon Hill Family Trekking is one of the finest hiking and trekking spots for family travellers. 

4. Everest  Region Family Trek

If all the family members are experienced hikers, they might even try Everest Base Camp Trek.  But for the beginners senior and junior family.  Trekking to the foothills of Everest opts for trekking with parents and kids.

5. Langtang Region Family Trek

Langtang Region, Langtang  Valley Trek, and Tamang Heritage Trail are 2 best treks for trekking with family. Both of them are easy to moderate difficult treks.

Which is the best trekking  in Langtang Nepal for family Treks ?

If we compare these 2 trails , Langtang valley trek is much easier than Tamang Heritage if you are travelling with kids and aged people. Though Tamang heritage trail is a lower altitude trail than Langtang Valley, because of too many ups and downs it might be hard for small child and aged person.

So all in all Langtang valley trek is opt for trekking with junior and senior family members.


Don’t go above 4000m trekking with your small children(below 5 years). Because above 4000m trekking tends to mount sickness. So in order to make SAFE FAMILY TREK, please opt easy treks for your children.

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JayaramJayaram Thapaliya, an executive director at BASE CAMP HIKE. He has trekked to mostly places in Nepal. He has been to Annapurna Circuit more than 10 times. Jayaram is the one who is ready to help you to make wonderful trip in Nepal.

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