Everest Region

Everest region is situated in northeast Nepal. It is the best-known trekking spot in Nepal. In this trekking section, the sherpa people’s majority is very high. The Sherpa people are also known as Himalayan people.

The Everest Region is a precious gift for Nepal. Because this area holds numerous Natural components. Tallest peaks, beautiful landscape, hidden valleys, Crystal Rivers, calm Lakes, and eye-catching waterfalls are major natural components of the Everest Section.

Inside the Everest Section, there is a beautiful national park which is called Sagarmatha National Park. This national park is the home of the Musk Deer, Ghoral, Derow, Himalayan Tahr, Red Panda, Blood Pheasant and so on.

The popular village in Everest Zone are as below :

Likewise according to tourist flow the following trekking routes are most popular in the Everest section.

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek
  2. Gokyo Lake Trek
  3. Everest Panorama Trek
  4. Three passess trek

The Everest Region(Khumbu) is the mostly popular for trekking, peak climbing, and expedition. Compared to another famous region, it’s difficult to access on drive or foot.

The Everest would surely get more tourists if it was easy to enter. Because of flight problem, it is difficult to access than Annapurna Region. The Lukla is the start-up and the last point of most of the Everest region treks.

Lukla is a little town in the Pasang Lhamu rural municipality of the Khumbu. It is situated at 2,860 meters from the sea level. At the beginning of the trip as well as at the ends of the trip, hikers used to stay in Lukla. So it’s a mainstream place for Everest visitors.

Why is Everest Region popular all over the world?

The Everest region is famous for the highest mountain in the world. This region is not only one of the most visually overwhelming regions on Earth, but the Sherpa people, Monasteries and tremendous mountains will also all keep you missing to come back again.