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Langtang Trek Difficulty

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Langtang Trek Difficulty

2020-09-05 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Langtang Trek Difficulty

Whilst making a plan for Langtang trek there might arise many questions but How Difficult is Langtang trek is one of the main tasks. If we say in single line sentences of it’s difficulty, trekking to Langtang is moderate difficulty walking. Without Previous trekking experiences, trekkers can make a trip to Langtang. Though all in […]

Things to know before Trekking to Langtang

2020-09-04 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Trekking to Langtang

Despite, Trekking to the Langtang region being considered as AN EASY TREKKING, it is good to know some information before start a trip to any trail in the Langtang area. In order to collect the best experience of trekking in Langtang area, you should know how to get there, the teahouse availbility, electricity availability, viewpoints […]

Is Nepal safe for female travelers? Get 5 tips to visit Nepal

2020-09-03 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Nepal safe for female travellers

You are making a plan to visit Nepal but want to travel alone. If so, you are getting mindstorming whether Nepal is safe for solo Female Travel or not. If so this post will clarify some facts that ensure Nepal is a solo travel-friendly country. Nonetheless, on this article you’ll find 5 major tips to […]

9 Things You Should Know Before Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek

2020-09-02 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Mardi Himal Base Camp Trekking

Although TREKKING TO MARDI HIMLAL BASE CAMP is considered easy hiking, you should know some basic things before starting the trip. Here basic things about Mardi Himal Trekking denotes availability of Teahouses, Electricity Availability, Preferable Simcard for Trip,  WIFI Availity, Trekking Itinerary, and how to safely do Mardi Himal Trekking. Thus, you will get here […]

Things to Know Before Trekking to Khopra Ridge

2020-09-01 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Trekking to Khopra Ridge Trek

Though Trekking to Khopra Ridge is taken as easy to moderate hiking, you should know some basic things about trail before the trip started. Here basic things denote, trail structure, length of trip, availability plus types of teahouse, WIFI/NETWORK, and the best viewpoints on the route. In this post, I am enlightening 9 Things Should […]

The Top 51 Best Travel Blogs to Follow in 2023

2020-07-09 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Best Travel Blogs

Are you planning to go on an adventure somewhere? Before going somewhere for adventure, you should know information about the places. Nowadays, you can find information about the destination by reading blogs on the internet. Nowadays we can find uncountable travel blogs that offer destination information. And, we’ve found some of the best of the […]

Best Short Treks Near Pokhara

2020-07-02 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Short Treks Near Pokhara

There are many things to do in Pokhara and it’s  a “trekker’s Paradise”.  Because it is naturally beautiful.  Among them, the things to do in Pokhara,  trekking near the Pokhara is also highly demanded. Near Pokhara, we can find lots of trekking trails that can be done within a week. Most of them are the […]

Best time to trek in Nepal

2020-05-29 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
When is best time of year for trekking in Nepal

Though you can trek in Nepal throughout the year, there is 2 main season which is best to go trekking in the Nepal Himalayas. They are autumn and spring. As Nepal has vast differences in altitude, we have tremendous variations in climates. There are 4 seasons from where you can choose the best of the […]

How Difficult Is The Everest Base Camp Trek?

2020-05-27 1 Response Jayaram Thapaliya
Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty

Are you thinking “How Difficult Is The Everest Base Camp Trek?” If so through this post you’ll clarify whether Everest Base Camp Trek is an adventurous or moderately difficult trek. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Similarly, if you have strongly determined to explore Everest Base Camp, you can do it your way. You […]

Everest Base Camp Trek Distance

2020-05-26 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Everest Base Camp Trek Distance

The total distance of the most popular Everest Base Camp Trek is 130 km which will start from Lukla and ends also in Lukla. For those who have previous trekking or hiking experience, the EBC trek distance from Kathmandu is not so far. The 138km distance you’ll cross by plane to get to the gateway […]