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Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

September 15, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Upon choosing the Manaslu circuit trekking, It is required to know its cost. Though Manaslu Circuit Trekking is off-the-beaten, it is expensive than the Popular Annapurna Circuit Trek. In this post, I’m going to show you Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost in brief. The total cost of Manaslu Circuit Trek is around USD $1096 if you […]

Luxury and Comfort Lodge Treks in Nepal

September 14, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Luxury and comfort lodge treks in Nepal

Every year a certain number of tourists visit Nepal to celebrate their holidays with Luxury and Comfort Style. Likewise, there is a flow of budget travelers in Nepal. Thus, Nepal is suitable for both luxury travelers as well as budget travelers. But on this page, we’re going to talk about luxury and comfort lodge treks […]

The Best Base Camp Treks Nepal

September 13, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Base Camp Treks Nepal

As we have numerous 7000 plus peaks in Nepal, there are so many mountain base camps where tourists can observe its beauty. But not all, only certain base camp treks are well known to the travelers. In short “Base Camp is famously known for being the starting  point of mountaineering expeditions and the ultimate destination […]

Best Monsoon Treks in Nepal

September 12, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
best mosoon treks in Nepal

Apart from Spring/Fall, summer is one of the charming times to explore Nepal’s Himalayas. Late June, July, August, and early September is the summer/monsoon season in Nepal. Warm temperature, Greenery landscape, very less crowded, and clear skies are the main highlights of monsoon and summer treks. The monsoon season is considered the best season for […]

Trekking in Nepal Cost

September 11, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Trekking in Nepal Cost

Nepal is developing countries, so you’ll get holidays package at affordable prices including trekking. If you’ are wondering is it expensive or cheap and cost of Nepal Trekking, here you’ll get all information regarding TREKKING IN NEPAL COSTS. Though there are many factors behind the cost components of trekking in Nepal, international flight fare, visa […]

Family Trek Nepal

September 10, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Nepal Family Trekking

Do you want to travel to Nepal with your family(Kid or Parents)? Trekking with your family which means you can enjoy the trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas even with your kids or parents. And to accomplish family trips, it’s not hard too in Nepal.  Likewise other types of trekking, family trekking is popular in Nepal. Because […]

The Best Winter Treks in Nepal

September 9, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Best winter treks in Nepal

The month of December, January, and February is known as winter in Nepal. Though it will be cold at that time, you can make easy to moderate adventure treks. In fact temperatures are colder in winter in Nepal, but if you’re well prepared you can make short easy treks. You can expect clear skies and […]

How to Choose a Best trekking agency and Tour company in Nepal?

September 8, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
Best trekking agency and Tour company in Nepal

Are you planning to trek in Nepal but worrying about finding the best trekking agency in Nepal. It might be difficult to choose your trek agency because there are 1759 trekking agencies that are members of the Trekking agency association of Nepal. While you choose your bucket list trip afterwards you should choose a trekking […]

How to Book a Trekking in Nepal?

September 7, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
How to book a trekking in Nepal

You might be wondering “how to book your trekking in Nepal”? It is easy to book a trek in Nepal. So through this post, I am going to show you the best way to book treks in Nepal. Let’s look at the top 3 best advice from local experts from Nepal. #1 – Booking through […]

How to Hire a Guide in Nepal? Get 5 tips before book

September 6, 2020 No Responses Jayaram Thapaliya
How to hire a guide in Nepal

You want to go trekking in the Himalayas through a trekking agency but don’t want to book a full board package. In those situations, you can buy only the guide service. If you buy only a trekking guide (can be porter too), this type of travel package is known as guide hire in Nepal. The […]