Best time to trek in Nepal

Though you can trek in Nepal throughout the year, there is 2 main season which is best to go trekking in the Nepal Himalayas. They are autumn and spring. As Nepal has vast differences in altitude, we have tremendous variation in climates.

There are 4 season from where you can choose best of the best using your preferences to go trekking in Nepal.They are:

Best time of the year to trek in Nepal

1.Autumn Season (Mid September to Mid November)

Mid-September to Mid November(Autumn/fall) is considered as the best time/season to go trekking in Nepal. At that time, the visibility of fascinating mountains will be perfect, green hills and excellent weather. Clear with mild to warm days and cold nights are features of Autumn seasons.


  • Low chance of natural disasters such as Avalanches
  • Experience the Nepalases 2 big festivals Dashain and Tihar at Trekking trail.
  • Best Weather
  • Cons

  • Busy Trail/ crowded
  • Winter Season (December- February)

    Mid December to February end implies winter season in Nepal. Trekking in the Himalayas will be challenging because at that time the trail will be covered by snow and also chances of altitude sickness due to freezing cold.

    In the wintertime, it wise to trek lower than below 3500m altitude. The temperature of the Himalayas area will cross to -20 degrees Celsius, hilly regions 0 – 5 degrees Celsius. Even in city areas, the temperature will fall up to 2 degrees celsius.

    Spring Season (March-May)

    After autumn, spring is the 2nd popular season.

    The blooming flowers, colorful forests, and shining mountains make a delighted environment to trekking.

    At this season, singing birds sounds in the forests makes it more exciting to walk.

    Spring season is ideal for the trek because during this season there will be temperate days and blossoming flora. Though it will be sweety to trek in the lower elevations, the upper elevation will be comforted to trek.

    In addition, to say, summer is considered one of the best seasons to trek and climb in the Himalaya due to warmer temperatures. And at that time we can see famous giant rhododendrons blooming in the Himalayas forest which makes the landscape a radiant and vibrant texture.

    Pro’s for spring trekking

  • temperatures ranges reach between 16-23º
  • Less crowded than Fall
  • Not too cold even in High altitudes
  • Less flight cancellation in the case of Lukla as the weather tends to clear.
  • Con’s

  • You’ll get sweaty at a lower altitude( below 2400m)
  • Afternoon get clouds which can block the view
  • Which trekking is the best at spring?

    Langtang Trek, Everest Base Camp, and Khopra Ridge Trek.

    Summer Season

    Summer is the hottest time throughout the whole of the year in Nepal. The lower parts of Nepal will be hotter and even in the high altitudes trek, the temperatures rarely drop below zero.

    Summer lies June to August and it’s known as the monsoon in Nepal. High altitude trekking routes get cloudy whereas lower trekking routes are generally muddy and slippery. Besides this, you can still experience the glory of the Himalayan during monsoon.

    The heavy rainfall offers spectacular views of the small and big waterfall.

    June, July, and August, these 3 months is the main rainy time in Nepal. During this season, it is normal to get heavy rainfall each day which is dangerous to trekking at lower altitude.

    During the summer season, though most of the popular trekking trails are not suitable for trekking, some Trekking regions of Nepal which are connected to Tibet(desert parts of Nepal) are ideal to trek. They are: Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, and Nar Phu valley. It is considered as desert as it is behind the Himalayas rain shadow areas.

    Summer is perfect for the keen botanist or photographer. Because at higher altitude, you’ll get blossoms of flowers and lush vegetation to capture the all-natural beauty of Nepal.


    • Low chance of altitude sickness
    • Less risk of avalanches


    Though some season is best in terms of clear weather and mild temperature, you can do trekking in the Himalayas upon your requirements.

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