Annapurna Circuit Trek Difficulty

There could be immense tourist traffic in Annpurna Circuit Trek if it would an easy trek. But Because of high elevation trekking and high pass, it is doable for those who have previous trekking experience in the Himalayas. In this post, we’re elaborating on Annapurna Circuit Trek Difficulty Level.

Since we have to Cross Thorong La 5416m on Annapurna Circuit Trekking, most people quickly answer, that it is very difficult. If we walk steadily before Thorang Pass, we can achieve it, it is completely acquirable. Except for the day of Thorang Pass, each day we will have an easy walk. It has a flatter trail which makes it easy to walk.


In order to figure out the Annapurna Circuit Trek difficulty level, we should analyze trail structures, teahouse availability, maximum altitude parts of total trekking days, and so on. Let’s move on to the difficulty level of Annapurna Circuit on details.

Annapurna Circuit trek distance

The total length of the Annapurna Circuit route varies between 160–230 km (100-145 mi), depending on where the trek begins and ends.

Annapurna Circuit height

The maximum height we will touch whilst trekking to Annapurna Circuit is 5,416m. At this altitude, there is the widest pass, known as Thorang La. We will leave Thorang La in less than hours by taking photographs and taking a cup of tea in the teahouse of Thorong La.

Is it difficult for beginner trekkers to complete Annapurna Circuit Trek?

For the beginner’s trekkers, trekking to Annapurna Circuit might be very hard upon crossing YakKharka. Because Till Yak Kharka, the altitude is below than 4000m and afterward Yak Kharka 4000m above. But as we take acclimatization day on Manang, it reduces difficulty for the trekkers. The day of Thorong La pass might be hard for first-time trekkers.

Annapurna Circuit Trek required fitness level

Being Annapurna Circuit is an adventure trek, trekkers should have some practice before the trek begin. Those who attend 4-5 hour jogging each day before a 1-month trip starts, will be easy on Thorong Pass. So all in all, a healthy person with a 5-6 hours walking capacity level of fitness is required for the ACT.

Annapurna Circuit Trek 10 days
Annapurna Circuit Trek

In which seasons difficulty level high and low?

There are something that you should know before departing for ANNAPURNA CIRCUIT. Among them, when to visit is a key factor. Choosing the best time we can reduce the difficulty of Around(Circuit) Annapurna Trek. During the wintertime, it is hardest to explore Annapurna Circuit Trek. Because at that time temperatures lie 0 to -15 degrees celsius in upper parts, especially Manang to Muktinath). So the difficulty level will be very high during winter. 

Besides that, other seasons(Autumn, Spring, and Summer) are significantly less difficult than winter seasons due to temperatures.

Can we minimize the Annapurna Circuit Trek difficulty level?[Safety Tip]

Sure, we can minimize the difficulty level somehow. The following tips help to minimize it.

  1. Attend jogging 4-5 hours each day prior to starting your Around Annapurna Trek.
  2. Start your trek from low altitudes such as Bulbule or Syange or Jagat or Even Chamche. It is the best way to start acclimatization.
  3. Start to drink at least 2 liters of water from Syangey to Muktinath
  4. Avoid Alcoholic drinks upon Chame.
  5. Give at least 10 days time for Annapurna Circuit Trek.
  6. Make 1 rest day at Manang.

Final words on How hard is it?

The Annapurna Circuit Hiking is also known as Around Annapurna Trek as it circles the Annapurna massif anticlockwise. The Around Annapurna Trekking is for those who want to emerge on an adventure. If you are planning to minimize the budget of the trip by shortening trips or you’ve limited time to trek, it makes it hard to do Annapurna Circuit Annapurna. Otherwise, trekking to Annapurna Circuit is completely doable. However, some preparation before trek departure is needed. If you have any questions regarding trekking to Annapurna Circuit, don’t hesitate to contact us

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